Grandma’s Scrapbooks

This page will be a guide to my posts that use material from my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks - Memories - newspaper Clippings - Scrapbook page edges

This is one of my long term projects 🙂

I have started by adding links to the most recent posts. Eventually I will sort them all into categories.

I am starting to play around with how I can add links to sections within a post so you can jump to the categories.

I created links to all of my  Frank Andrea Miller posts. If you click on his name in the previous sentence, you will be taken to the start of the section.

You can also click on Hamburg, Iowa for posts related to the town where my Grandma lived.

Peace on Earth

First Day of Winter

Three Wise Men?

Duck Art

12 Days

Classic Candle Cards

Classic Holiday Cards


Posts about Hamburg, Iowa

Some of these posts may not have material from the scrapbooks, but I thought I would include them here anyway as they are all related.

Hamburg Grade Schools

Hamburg BaseballHamburg High School - Hamburg, Iowa - High School Building - Architectural Drawing - Dougher, Rich & Woodburn Architects

Hamburg Baseball II

Hamburg Centennial

Hamburg Buildings

Hamburg Main StreetGeorge Shane Painting - Hamburg, Iowa - Vapor Trails

Hamburg Main Street II

Hamburg Memories

Hamburg Winter Sky

Hamburg Windows

Stoner DrugStoner Drug - Hamburg, Iowa - Soda Fountain

Homecoming Floats

Old Football Program

Popcorn Festival Floats

Back to School

Family Friends III

Places close to Hamburg

The First Hamburger

Green Building in 1956? Coin Iowa Oil Well, 1904, Coin, Iowa, Oil Well, Drilling, Oil Exploration

A Little Coin

Coin Oil Well

South Page Community Schools

Boating at Porter’s

Earth Movers Then and Now

Old Time Thresher


Frank Andrea Miller Editorial Cartoons

A Century Apart

Iowa in WinterJohn Brown - Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoonist - John Brown in Iowa - Iowa in the Civil War

John Brown in Iowa

Simpler Taxes?

Spring in Iowa?

Washington’s Birthday II

1957 Rose Parade

The BlizzardSpring in Iowa - Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Iowa Spring - Des Moines Register

Early Winter Driving II

Little League Football

Pondering Thanksgiving

Little League Baseball

Moon Landing

Spirit of ’76Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Little League Baseball - World Series - Summer Games - Baseball - America's Pastime

John Foster Dulles

Mother’s Day

Planting Time

Spirit, Courage and Thoughtful Action

152 Years Ago

Washington’s Birthday

Friendship 7

President’s, Presidents’ or PresidentsCovered Bridges of Madison County - Iowa - Frank Andrea Miller - Des Moines Register

Bridges of Madison County

Early Winter Driving

Winter Cuttings

President Lincoln

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