Kite Poems

One of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks is filled with poems that she saved about different subjects.

In the past I have written two posts about poems from the scrapbook. See Autumn Poems and More Autumn Poems. Tonight I had thought about adding to the series, but decided instead of Autumn poems to post a couple about kites.

The scrapbook is from the 50’s or 60’s so you get an idea of when the poems were written.

Kite, Singapore, Kite Flying, Ocean WindsI always enjoy seeing kites flying and just recent read a book that included a scene where some kids fly a kite, so my mind started to wander as I saw the poems in the scrapbook.

Poem, Alice Thorn Frost, Flying kitesThe first poem is Flying Kites by Alice Thorn Frost. I tried to find out more about the poet, but couldn’t find anything on-line.

Flying Kites

Up and Up, then down and down,

On a breezy day,

Jolly kites in colors fine

Proudly sail away.

Each is held, how wonderful!

By a slender string.

Children’s laughter, darting kites,

Make a day of spring.

Alice Thorn Frost

My Kite, Poem, Regina Albert, Kite PoemThe second poem is My Kite by Regina Albert. The poems were a bit crooked in the scrapbook, so I scanned them as is to share the feel of the scrapbook.

My Kite

My kite is like a dancing leaf,

Painted with colors fair;

It floats and dives, then rises high,

And seems to swim in air.

It looks so high above the earth,

So glad and gay and free,

But at my lightest guiding touch,

It turns and comes to me.

Regina Albert

Kite Flying, Singapore, Pink Kite, polka dotsThe pictures in this post come from my post Kites in Singapore.

I hope you enjoyed the poems and the pictures.



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