Uncle Chet Memories

This evening I was going through some of my Grandma’s scrapbooks and ran across a Senior Profile for my Uncle Chet.

Uncle chet, senior profile, hamburg iowa, scrapbookI decided that I would share it tonight, especially as one of my cousins will be very happy to see it.

The Senior Profile was in the Hamburg Reporter, the newspaper for Hamburg, Iowa.

Uncle chet, senior profile, hamburg iowa, scrapbookIt was interesting to learn a few new/old things about my uncle.

I did not know that he wanted to be a coach. I did know that he often worked as an umpire or referee for several sports.

Veterans Day 2014, Veteran, Germany, Vietnam, Army, Army UniformChet or Chester, we always called him Uncle Chet, did go to college but later joined the Army. Most of my memories of him are when he worked for the National Guard in Dodge City and Garden City in Kansas. He also lived in the same town as us in Kansas for awhile and worked as a house painter.

Uncle chet, senior profile, hamburg iowa, scrapbookIt is also interesting to see some of his favorites. I do know that he liked sports, but remembering him liking baseball more than basketball. He also liked to bowl and always encouraged me when I was running cross country and track.

Uncle chet, senior profile, hamburg iowa, scrapbookI also have one of these Senior Profiles for my Dad and thought that I had posted it before. I will have to find it and post it sometime.

Uncles, Military, Germany, Veterans DayI thought I would also add this picture. Here is my Uncle Chet typing something, perhaps it was a letter to send home.  He is with my Uncle Howard in Germany. They both served in the Army and happened to be in the same place so had a picture taken together.

A lot of memories from a newspaper clipping.




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