Happy Valentine’s Day

Just like last year I searched through my Grandma’s Scrapbooks looking for some images to use for Valentine’s Day.

Century Old Valentines - Happy Valentine's Day - Old Valentine Cards - HeartsHowever, the search did not reveal any overlooked Valentine’s Day images. This was one holiday that my grandma did not save many images for.

Several years ago I wrote a series of posts using images from her scrapbooks. The image above is one of the century old valentines that were in the scrapbook.

Century Old Valentines

Century Old Valentines II

Century Old Valentines III

Black-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) - Female - Yellow Iris - Yellow Eyes - Stork couple - Valentine StorkBlack-necked Stork - Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus - Taronga Zoo - Wetland Birds - Australian Birds






Two years ago on Valetine’s Day I wrote a post titled  Valentine Storks and shared pictures of a male and a female black-necked stork. Do you know which is the male and which is the female? Although the pictures are small there is one identifying feature that can easily be seen in one of the pictures. Click on the link to find out how to tell.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry CupCakes, Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes, I Love U Cakes, Hostess, Snack CakesI have also written a series of recent posts about special cakes that Hostess has made this year for Valentine’s Day.

Hostess I ♥ U Cakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes

Dark Chocolate Raspberry CupCakes

Red Velvet, Cake, CupCakes, Hostess, Valentines DayLast year Hostess came out with Red Velvet CupCakes which have since become a regular offering. Perhaps one of the cakes from this year will be available at other times of the year. My pick would be the Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes as they are really good.

December Roses, Raindrops on roses, raindrops, Mister Lincoln RoseI will close the post with a picture of a beautiful red rose. This rose also has a tie to yesterday and Lincoln’s Birthday. This is a Mister Lincoln rose.

Now to work on my presentation for class tomorrow. We will be talking about the courtship of a ruthless man and a young widow.



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