Stoner Drug

Do you have a special place that brings back memories? I have several of them, but today I have been thinking of one that brings back memories of visiting my grandparents.

Here are more Hamburg Windows, in this case the large plate glass windows of Hamburg’s local drug store. Stoner Drug - Hamburg, Iowa - Soda FountainI really like the reflections in the window. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when I took this picture. In fact, I just made it in to the drug store before closing time. I was just able to get my order in for a nice shake to cool off on the hot day.

Stoner Drug was founded in 1896 by Crosby Stoner. He was the son of John Stoner and the youngest of 17 children. The drug store has remained in the family through the years and has also expanded to several other locations. The drug store moved to the current location on Main Street in 1956. When they moved they also incorporated the soda fountain that had been installed in 1929.Stoner Drug Soda Fountain - Hamburg, Iowa I have some great memories of my uncles or grandfather taking me to the soda fountain for a shake or some ice cream. When I posted this picture on Facebook several years ago I had some nice responses from others who had memories of Stoner Drug.

Here are some of the responses (names withheld to protect each of these stoners):

Having a cherry coke or phosphate with friends!

I was fond of the sugar toast..

Cherry coke and a snickers candy bar, everyday after school:)

What are you all thinking? Chocolate malt with two vanilla wafers!! My kids think it is a hoot that it is called Stoner’s. I didn’t even think of that all the time I lived there!

Always loved their cherry phosphates and/or cherry cokes. Used to eat their toasted sandwiches for lunch…with potato chips on the side.

Thanks for sharing Steven, many cherry phosphates consumed at that counter.

Spent a lot of time at Stoner’s at the counter or in a booth…drinking cherry phosphates or cherry cokes! Great memories!

Same here, couldn’t beat cherry cokes … for a farm girl on the Saturday trip into town, the local drugstore was delightful … to get an Elvis Presley record at the five and dime was icing on the cake smile

My mom’s favorite was always chocolate cherry coke and when she had designer’s block at the flower shop she’d send me for a treat for the gang. Later all of “Marie’s girls” would make an afternoon trip up for whatever we wanted.

Did you live in a town with a soda fountain? Do you remember one from when you were young?


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10 Responses to Stoner Drug

  1. I once lived in a town with a drugstore like this. In addition to the soda fountain where I would often stop in for lunch (chicken sandwich called a Humdinger and ice tea), there was a big table there as well. The local dignitaries would gather around this table, solving all the world’s problems and drinking coffee.

    The drugstore also sold ice cream. I’m told that on one day, Jackie Kennedy Onassis stopped in for an ice cream cone with a friend while she was shopping for antiques.

  2. Margaret Mincer Bryant says:

    Does that ever bring back memories! Walking home from gradeschool, ( on the hill where the pool is now) and having a cherry coke at Stoners.

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    I guess the childish would giggle at the obviously…guilty! You should send it to Ellen Steven, she does a segment on ‘funny signs’.

    I used to hang (& work sometime) at a place called ‘County Farms’. Mr Lewis was like a second dad to all of us. He made the usual chips and burgers and such up front and had Pin Ball and Foosball in the back. I distinctly remember wrapping sandwiches and watching an episode of Charlies Angels with Farrah Fawcett, so we’re going back a ways. We all worked there at one time or another…..and I could really rock the Foosball table, ha.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Ours was Smee Drugs and it looked exactly like this one, very same front and windows. Soda bar the same. My sister and I always went with Daddy into town to get a truck load of feed for the animals. We’d head for Smee’s for our cherry coke, etc.and then to the five and dime, as some one said to get the new Elvis record. If he didn’t have one we’d get Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Everly Brothers, and …..

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  7. When I was growing up, I think all drugstores had a soda fountain. There was one near my grandparent’s house. My favorite thing to order was a cherry Coke. I think it was $.15. Am I telling my age? 🙂

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