Southern Currency

Tonight I was looking through one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks from about 1960.  My Grandma really liked Civil War history and saved many items from magazines and newspapers.

One of the reasons that she liked Civil War history was that her Grandfather Alfred Van Duzor fought in the Civil War and was stationed at Harpers Ferry. He was with the 5th New York Heavy Artillery.

One of the items that my Grandma saved was a magazine section that included images of currency used by the South.

Confederat Currency, 500 dollar note, Civil War, MoneyThe first image is an official Confederate States Dollar. This one is from the seventh and last series and has a denomination of 500 Dollars. If you look closely you will see that it is redeemable ‘Two Years after the Ratification of a Treaty of Peace between the Confederate States & The United States’.

The bill has the Confederate Seal and Battle Flag on one side of the front and a portrait of Stonewall Jackson on the other. The back of this bill was blank.

Scrip for Troops, Confederate Money, Georgia Volunteers, SutlersCurrency was sometimes scarce and several other types of bills were used to fill in the gap.

Above you see scrip that was used by troops to purchase items from the Sutler. These would be items that today would be found in a PX.

The scrip is from the 30th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteers.

Texas Confederate Dollar, Treasurey Warrant, Civil WarHere is a Treasury Warrant worth Fifty Dollars that was issued by the Treasurer of the State of Texas.

Many of the individual Confederate States issued their own currency to pay for war expenses.

The Texas Dollar above would circulate as regular currency once it was signed.

Someday I would like to add some Confederate currency to my coin and bill collection. However, I have never really checked to see how available the currency is as a collectible and how much it is worth. The only time I have ever seen a value was during an episode of Cajun Pawn Stars and the currency was in near mint condition. They were way out of my price range 🙂

Have you ever seen any Confederate currency?




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