Family Friends III

Today I have been thinking of Family Friends.

This was prompted by a birthday notification from Facebook. The notification was for someone who my Dad went to high school with.

I decided to dig into my Grandma’s Scrapbooks and found several articles or clippings about family friends.

First Baby of the Year, Bryant Family, New Year Baby, Hamburg, IowaThis first picture is of one of our family friends, Sherill Bryant. She is holding her daughter Cindy who was the first baby born in Hamburg that year. Cindy beat out a little boy named Stephen by a few days.

Cindy and Stephen were mentioned in the article together, and they still are  mentioned together as they grew up and married each other.

Evangelistic Revival, Revival Meeting, Hamburg, Iowa, L.H. TyreeAnother clipping caught my eye. Here is an ad for an Evangelistic Revival. No location is given in the clipping, but it was at the Hamburg Church of Christ.

The evangelist, L.H. Tyree, was also a long time family friend.

Did you notice that the meeting was for two weeks? When was the last time you saw a two week revival meeting?

Senior Profile, Hamburg, Iowa, Hamburg ReporterHere is the Senior profile for Sara Sue Steele who was in my Dad’s class in High School. I have always enjoyed reading the Senior profiles in my Grandma’s scrapbooks.

Our families have been friends for many years and we have lived near each other in several different places 🙂

Sara Sue was involved in Music and worked in libraries. I thought that I had posted a picture of the Hamburg Public Library in one of my Hamburg posts, but I guess that I haven’t. I will have to post one soon.

Joe Henderson, coin, Iowa, Miler, Runner, Author, WriterAnother family friend is Joe Henderson. My Dad grew up with Joe in Coin, Iowa.

Joe was a high school track and cross-country champion in Iowa. My Dad competed against Joe in the mile, since by that time our family had moved to Hamburg.

Joe went on to run for Drake University and then began a career as a writer. He wrote for Track and Field News for several years before becoming the chief editor at Runner’s World. He has also written quite a few books on running, and I have a few of them on my shelves.

This is the third post in my Family Friends series. Here are links to the two previous posts:

Family Friends

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Writing this post brought back some good memories, as thinking of Family Friends should.



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  1. Glenda McDougal says:


  2. You’ve turned important important family history into an interesting blog. Way to go.

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