Santa Pictures from an Old Scrapbook

Tonight I am thinking of Santa pictures as I wore a Santa hat during several meetings this week with colleagues around the world. My now mostly white beard goes well with the Santa hat. My thoughts wandered to a post I wrote six years ago, and I will share what I wrote again.

Classic Santa Pictures – Originally written on 12/11/2016

Tonight I looked through one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks and selected several classic Santa pictures.

Santa Claus, Classic images, 1960's scrapbook, ChristmasThe pictures are from a 1961 scrapbook so are 55 years old. The pictures may have come from either Christmas cards, magazines or other print media, it is hard to tell.

I like this image. There is definitely a large white beard and rosy cheeks. However, no glasses which are common in the images of today.

Classic Santa image, red hat, white beard, rosy cheeks, no glassesHere we have a winking Santa Claus. Again we have the big white beard, red hat and rosy cheeks. Again no glasses. It would be interesting to find out when glasses became an essential part of the Santa image. Hmm, maybe a research project.

Santa Claus, Phone, presents, candy cane, red suitThis one looks like Santa is in his office. He is talking on the phone, but having some fun at the same time by balancing a candy cane on his palm.

To me this is a classic picture of Santa Claus except that he is missing his hat. I guess since he is working inside it is not needed 🙂



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