South Page Community Schools

My blog traffic has been higher than usual tonight. My Hamburg Winter Sky post has been visited almost 100 times and some of my other Hamburg, Iowa related posts have also seen a lot of traffic.

My post tonight will be from a little east of Hamburg as I will be sharing a notice about the opening of the South Page Community Schools in 1959.

The notice comes from one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks.

South Page Community Schools, College Springs, Iowa, Coin, Amity College, BraddyvilleThe South Page Community Schools combined school districts from Coin, Braddyville and College Springs and opened for their first school year on August 31, 1959.

South Page Community Schools, College Springs Iowa, High School, Page County High SchoolThe High School for the district was in College Springs, Iowa. The building was the former home of Amity College (1855-1914). The town was named for the college which was a normal school or teaching school run by the Presbyterian church.

Braddyville Iowa, Elementary School, South Page Community SchoolsThere were two elementary schools locations in the district. One was in Braddyville which is about seven miles southeast on the Missouri border.

Coin Iowa, Grade School, South Page Community SchoolsThe other elementary school location is in Coin which is eight miles northwest of College Springs. This is where my dad went to school before my grandparents moved to Hamburg. The students were divided between a primary and intermediate school.

Coin Iowa, Intermediate School, South Page Community SchoolsHere is the Coin intermediate school. I should have talked to my dad before writing this post, but I assume that this was the Coin high school before the districts consolidated. I may update this later if I get more information.

The South Page Community School district is still in existence today, but the students all go to school in College Springs.

Here is the complete notice:

South Page Community Schools, College Springs Iowa, Coin Iowa, Braddyville IowaI find it very interesting to look at the history of schools in small rural towns. I once did a research project on education in the county where I went to high school. I still have the report somewhere 🙂


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