Hamburg Windows

Tonight I have been thinking about Hamburg so thought I would look through my pictures to find a couple that have a theme. I found these two neat pictures of windows.

So, Hamburg. Are you thinking Hamburg, Germany? If so,  you are not thinking of the right place. These pictures are from Hamburg, Iowa. I have a lot of memories of Hamburg, as this is where my grandparents lived for most of my life. I also have many friends who have connections to Hamburg.

So, where is Hamburg? It is right down in the southwest corner of Iowa. If you walk straight south out of town, you can be in Missouri in less than a mile and in Nebraska in about another mile. There is a small portion of Nebraska that is on the east side of the Missouri river just south of Hamburg.

OK, before I get too far off track and give a big lesson on Geography and History, let me share the two pictures of windows.

Hamburg Studio M Windows Main Street IowaI really like these windows. They are on a building called Studio M that is right on Hamburg’s Main Street. What I really find interesting about these windows is the fact that one if smaller than the other three and that the spacing is different between the other windows. I have always wondered why this is the case, but will probably never find out for sure. I do have a theory, but I would need more facts. My thought is that the narrow window is probably at the top of the stairwell and the other three windows are in the front rooms of the upper floor of the building. Maybe some of my Hamburg friends would know. In any case, it makes for an interesting picture.

I also like the lintels over the windows. They have neat designs and the blue color just pops against the yellow bricks. I would imagine that they were originally white and the bricks would be red and you would have a similar color contrast. Also, the shingles in the windows replacing the glass are intriguing. Why did they put shingles in place of the glass? Was it for energy conservation? Were too many windows being broken by naughty boys throwing rocks?

I can just imagine what these windows would have originally looked like. I am sure that they were quite stunning.

Next we have this neat window.Hamburg Iowa Church of Christ Stained Glass WindowThis window brings back some strong memories. This beautiful stained glass window is one of many that are in the historic Hamburg Church of Christ building. I have many memories of visiting this church building when growing up and one of the things that I will always remember are the beautiful stained glass windows.

My father went to church there when he was in High School and my grandparents at one time also attended services there. Unfortunately the building fell into disrepair and the church no longer meets there. About three years ago it was donated to the City to be used as a community center and it is slowly being restored. I have not heard whether the restoration has been completed and if the building is in use again, but look forward to some day visiting the building again and reliving some old memories.

I hope you enjoy these windows. They bring back good memories and deep thoughts for me.


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14 Responses to Hamburg Windows

  1. What beautiful windows! I did make the mistake of initially thinking you were talking about Hamburg, Germany but I was glad to be corrected :). Sometimes the best reflection of a place is the pictures of things which should be mundane, like windows, but are actually what makes the place unique and beautiful. Wonderful photos 🙂

  2. Interesting. I’ve never seen windows with shingles like that, where the shingles are within the window frame itself. I wonder if the shingles were meant to deflect rain and snow away from the windows or just to fill up the space.

    I like the church window, too. Bet it’s spectacular with the sun coming through it.

  3. Sheryl says:

    You’re right–I was thinking Hamburg Germany until you clarified. Hamburg IA looks like a fun little town.

  4. Boomdeeadda says:

    If you’ve been to London, you may have notice a lot of bricked up windows on buildings…interestingly enough, back in the 17th century, the government instated a ‘glass tax’, (they, perhaps rightfully so, presumed that you were well-off if the house you owned was plentiful in windows). The upper class rejected this money grab (new tax) and bricked up the windows in protest…maybe that’s the story in Hamburg?

  5. Glenda McDougal says:

    Enjoyed, thank you!!

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  8. Mary Vollertsen VanEngen says:

    Steven–Do take more pictures of windows in Hamburg! The stained glass window has been fully restored, and in the central block of downtown Main Street there are several wonderful upper-level stained glass windows that look lovely, day or night.

    • vanbraman says:

      I will have to see what other pictures I have of the windows in Hamburg. I live a long way away and don’t get there too often. I have some theater pictures to post sometime. I will also remember to take more pictures next time I visit.

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