Religion in Family History

It does not take too much searching through family history before you start learning about the religion of your ancestors. Religion has played a large part in migration patterns over the centuries and you may find that at one time or another your ancestors moved because of their religion. Religion also may have had a great influence on who your ancestors married, their occupation and many other aspects of life. It is not easy to discount the fact that the religion of your ancestors has helped shape who you are today?

Posts in the Religion in Family History series:

John Miller, Amish Minister

John A. Miller – Amish Minister

Religion in Family History

Amish in California?

The Light in the Forest

Stephen Jenks – Singing Master

Amish in Oregon?

Amish Origins

Gallup Poll Connection I – Amish

Gallup Poll Connection II – Parke    Although not part of the Religion and Family History series, it is listed here as it is connected to a post in the series.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Pilgrim AncestryThe Pilgrim Migration - Robert Charles Anderson - Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633 - Genealogy - Thanksgiving - Great Migration Study

First Amish Settlements

Irish Heritage

Amish in Oklahoma

The Harper Mansion

The Deerfield RaidFrytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa - 150 years - Restoration Movement

The Frytown Church

Day after Thanksgiving

The Prospering

4th Great Grandfather, Absalom Leeper.The American Soul

Were the Pilgrims Puritans?

Mayflower Ancestry

Amish States

Irish Heritage II

Amish Genealogy Resources

First Amish Bishop in America

A Visit to Pembroke College

Christ’s College Cambridge

Amish Provinces


Roger Williams in Plymouth Colony

A Visit to Worksop Priory

Amish in New Orleans?

Mennonite Ancestry of Pearl Buck

1819 Marriage Documents – A connection to early Restoration Movement History

Church Building Quiz – Identify pictures of church buildings with a family connection

Church Building Quiz – The Answers

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  26. Penny hostetter says:

    I am a defendant of Jacob hostetler.i was wondering if there are any books with photos of his time.

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