New Hamburg Minister

While looking through one of my Grandna’s scrapbooks a little article caught my eye.

Hamburg Iowa, Hamburg church of christ, minister, Edwin DeVries, OttumwaThe small article announced that the Hamburg Church of Christ had a new minister. The new minister was Edwin DeVries. He had moved to Hamburg from Etterville, Missouri.

The article also mentions that he received his ministerial education in Ottumwa.

Each of these three places all have significance to me.

Hamburg Church of Christ, National Day of Prayer, Hamburg, IowaMy Father graduated from Hamburg High School the year before. I know the approximate time of the article as it was in a scrapbook that included an article about John Glenn and his orbital flight. There were also other articles that I was able to date to 1962.

Midwestern School of Evangelism, 908 North Court, Ottumwa, Iowa - Harper MansionMy Father had left Hamburg to go to school in Ottumwa at Midwestern School of Evangelism which is where the new Minister had gone to school.

Hamburg Iowa Church of Christ Stained Glass WindowI remember many trips to Hamburg as my Grandparents lived near there the rest of their lives. I especially remember the stained glass windows of the Hamburg church building. I also know from my Grandmother that my Braman family was involved in the early congregation and helped build the building. My 2nd Great Grandfather also preached in several area churches in Missouri and Iowa.

Etterville Missouri, Bible Camp, Sho me mo, olympics
When I was growing up I went to Sho – Me – Mo Bible camp in Etterville, Missouri, so have many memories of Etterville. I still have some of the camp programs which I may share in the future.

At some point I need to find or put together a list of Hamburg preachers through the years. I am sure that one probably exists.



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