This page is the launch page for the posts that I write before, during and after my trip to Turkey. I will keep the most recent posts near the top for now.

I have reorganized the page and moved the links to other bloggers on the trip to the top before the list of posts. We all have out unique styles and perspectives so visit all of them for a much broader picture of our tour.

Blogs by other members of the tour group:

The other side of the world – Stacy has a great note taking style and shares many fun facts about where we have been.

Alexander’s Adventures: Travels of the Young at Heart – Long time travelers but first time bloggers. I have really enjoyed getting to know the Alexanders.

Ferrell’s Travel Blog – Our tour leader. His blog focuses on Biblical sites and has a large following.

Scene with Sharon – A NASA scientist with a great appreciation for the beauty of her surroundings.

Byte of Israel – Brian provides daily maps of where we have been.

Join us as we explore Turkey!

Ancient Crossroad Tour - Google Maps - Turkey - Vacation Map

Ancient Crossroads Tour – Google Maps


I created the map above in Google Maps. It shows the major destination on our tour.

Click on the links to visit other posts. The links are just below each picture.

United Business First, Unitel Airlines, 747 Upper Deck, Lay Flat SeatsThe Journey Home

Bosphorus Cruise - Asia - Europe - Bosphorus River - MansionsHome from Turkey

Istanbul Archaeology Museum - Ishtar Gate - Procession Street - BabylonHistoric Istanbul

Hagia Sofia - Church, Mosque, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyOn to Istanbul

Perge, Turkey - Perge Ruins - Paul's Missionary Journeys - ArchaeologyAround Antalya

Sergius Paulus Inscription at Yalvac Museum - Antioch Pisidia - Inscription - ArechaeologyA Long Drive to Antalya

Pottery Shard - Pottery - Derbe - KertihoyukTells Tell a Tale

Roman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician RoadA Day in Tarsus

Karatep Aslantas - Neo-Hittite - Rosetta Stone - Phoenician and LuwianAntakya to Adana

Arkeoloji Muzesi - Erose and Psyche - Mosaic - Saamandag - AntakyaAntakya and Seleucia

Ancient Crossroads Tour - Ferrell Jenkins - Tour Group PhotoCappadocia to Antakya

pigeon valley - cappadocia - guano - pigeons - rock fortressCappadocian Chimneys

Ankara Roman Road - Ruins of Roman Road - Water Pipe - Ancient findAnkara to Cappadocia

Lion Gate - Hattusha - Ancient Hittite Capital - Ruins of HattushaThe Hittite Capital

Tour Bus - Ancient Crossroads Tour - Turkey - Ferrell Jenkins - Motor Coach - WiFi on BusGetting to Turkey

Old Barn - Patterson, California - Orchard Barn - California BarnsQuick Stop at the Orchard

Luggage - Suitcase - Backpack - Overnight Bag - Vacation PackingTrip Prep Day

Boeing 747 - United Airlines - Jumbo Jet - Double Decker Airplane - Classic JetVacation Checklist

Great Ages of Man Byzantium - Research - History - Turkey - Vacation ReadingResearch Reading

National Geographic - January 1958 - Turkey - Ancient Crossroads - Cappadocia - Turkey - Cave DwellingsTurkey Time



If you do a search for Turkey on the blog you will also come across posts about the bird 🙂

Wild Turkey Head - Dublin, California - Thanksgiving


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