Washington’s Birthday III

Monday is Washington’s Birthday.

Forget about the debate as to whether it is President’s, Presidents’ or Presidents Day. It is Washington’s Birthday.

George Washington, Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, HolidayI found a few images of George Washington in one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks from 1961.

In this collage we see an excerpt from one of the most famous portraits of George Washington surrounded by scenes from his life. We see General Washington on horseback, crossing the Delaware River, praying at Valley Forge and also Mount Vernon.

I have been reading about the Revolutionary War recently and am learning more about George Washington as a General.

Washington's Innauguration, New York, Washington's BirthdayHere is another image that shows George Washington landing in New York City for his inauguration as president in 1789. The painting is by Frederick Coffay Yohn.

I like the way that the painting is presented in this clipping from a magazine.

This is a reminder to me that the first Capital of the United States under the Constitution was New York City.

First Cabinet, Washington's Birthday, George Washington, Edmund Randolph, Henry Knox, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander HamiltonIn the same scrapbook I also found a image of President George Washington with his First Cabinet.

The painting is by Emil Pollak Ottendorff.

As you can see there were only four members of President Washington’s Cabinet. Today the Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 Executive departments.

The First Cabinet consisted of Attorney General Edmund Randolph, Secretary of War General Henry Knox, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

Washington is one of my two favorite presidents. Do you know who the other one is?


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