A Century Apart

Today I have been thinking of President Kennedy as it was 51 years ago that he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

I have also been thinking about President Lincoln this week as it was 151 years ago on Wednesday that gave the Gettysburg Address.

John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Frank Andrea Miller, Assassination, PresidentsThinking of these two presidents reminded me of an editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller from 1961.

The American Presidency from 1861 to 1961

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy became president a century apart from each other. They also served our country as president during important times in our history. President Lincoln was president during the Civil War and President Kennedy was president during the Cold War.

I like the two captions in the cartoon:

The Hope and Voice of Freedom in a Divided Country

The Hope and Voice of Freedom in a Divided World

There are many similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy, but I am not going to list them in this post.

Instead, I will simply share an image of both of them and give links to what I have written before.

Kennedy Memorial Record - Kennedy Speeches - News Broadcasts - Memorial - 50 year anniversary of JFK's deathThe picture here is the cover of a John F. Kennedy Memorial record that I have in my album collection. You can read more about it in my post: 50 Years Ago

America Without Lincoln?, Editorial Cartoon, President LincolnHere is another editorial cartoon about President Lincoln. You can read more about this one in: America without Lincoln?

I am also getting ready to read another biography of President Lincoln. I have been learning a lot more about him with some of my recent reading.


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2 Responses to A Century Apart

  1. Glenda M says:

    Amazing men!!!

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