Dublin IKEA Approved

Last week the Dublin, California City Council approved the latest proposal by IKEA. This is the second time that an IKEA has been approved in Dublin. I remember years ago when it was previously approved. Because of a downturn in the economy IKEA decided not to build and sold the site. However, they later bought the site back and put together a new proposal.

Dublin, California, IKEA, ApprovedHere is an overhead view of where the IKEA will be built. It is the large open field near the center of this screen shot from Google maps. It will be across the street from Persimmon Place which includes Whole Foods and also across from the Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center.

It will also be close enough to my office that I could walk there during lunch to have some Swedish meatballs.

However, it will not be anytime soon as I have read that they will not start construction until 2020, which will probably lead to an opening in 2022.

IKEA, Dublin, California, Ground Plan, Underground ParkingThe project will include the large IKEA store with underground parking as well as eight other buildings for restaurants and retail.

The image above is from the Dublin City Development Site.

Dublin IKEA Rendering, New Project, The GlenThe entire project is know as The Glen at Dublin and features a lot of open space around the retail/restaurant buildings for a pedestrian friendly experience.

There was a lot of opposition to having a large blue and yellow building, so IKEA reduced the amount of colored areas on the building. It will be interesting to see how it looks when it is finished.

Northern California IKEA Locations, Dublin, Emeryville, Palo Alto, West SacramentoThis IKEA will be the third in the Bay Area and the fourth in Northern California. It will draw customers from a large area and there are a lot of concerns about traffic. Thankfully IKEA does not open until 10:00am so it will not have a large effect on the morning rush hour.

IKEA Dublin, BART Station, Pedestrian FriendlyThe IKEA will also be very close to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. This was brought up many times by the opposition as they called for the site to be used for offices since the workers could commute by BART.

However, I believe that the IKEA will also have many customers who will use BART. Especially on the weekends when offices would be closed.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • It will be the only IKEA in the Bay Area that is close to a BART station.
  • Many Bay Area residents, especially those without cars, will take BART to the IKEA to browse the showroom and then have their large purchases delivered.
  • It is easy to shop on-line, but many people want to see furniture in person to feel the textures, see how it looks from different angles and assess the quality of the materials.
  • With the restaurants in the project IKEA shoppers can also spend a nice afternoon or evening having a nice meal before returning home on BART.
  • Of course, people coming from the Central Valley will not be able to use BART, but Regional Rail will eventually connect the Central Valley to BART at the Dublin/Pleasanton station.

Now to see how long it takes to build and open 🙂

I of course will probably post some pictures once they start construction.



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Shock-Wave Tomography on Oak Island

Tonight I watched the two hour season premier of The Curse of Oak Island. This is the sixth season of the series on the History Channel.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?This year it looks like a lot of things will be happening on Oak Island. The intro into the episode tonight showed a lot of highlights from later in the season and it will be interesting to see how they get to those points in the show.

Oak Island, Money Pit, National Geographic, Curse of Oak IslandWill they find a treasure vault this year? There are definitely hints in what they showed tonight that they will find something significant.

This year they will be using some new technology and also be constructing a large coffer dam to investigate Smith’s Cove. They showed footage of the completed coffer dam in the intro and it is impressive.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaThey are also looking at sites on the island from one end to the other as they piece together the history of the island.

I like this show for the mix of the mystery, archaeology, technology and history. It definitely wanders all over the place, so it also appeals to me for that 🙂

Shock-wave tomography, ground penetrating waves, search for water system, tel lachishOne of the coolest things they will be doing this year is using shock-wave tomography to hunt for features underground. This technology has been used for decades in oil and gas exploration, but has been refined for use in smaller areas.

computed tomography, shock-waves, ground survey, tel lachishThe summer before last I observed a very manual version of this technology being used at our dig site at Lachish in Israel. See: Manual Shock-Wave Tomography

At Lachish they used a sledge hammer to produce shock-waves, but at Oak Island they will be using small dynamite charges that are electronically triggered.

Shock Wave Sensors, TomoBoth however rely on an array of detectors that detect the returning shock waves.

Tomography, Archaeology, Search for Water System, Tel LachishOf course, these waves are then analyzed by a computer to determine what is underneath the surface.

Tonight on the first episode of The Curse of Oak Island they ran a trial across an area with a known tunnel and found it in the results. They have also given a sneak peak of later results in the intro and it looks like they will definitely find something big. The big question however is how will they act on the data that they collect.

I will definitely be watching the show this year to see what they find.



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