More from the Tracy Train Layout

Last week I posted about a model train layout that was on display in Tracy.

Tonight I thought I would share some more pictures from another visit this past week. I hope to make one more visit before the display is over.

Old German Passenger Train, model railroad, HO ScaleCatching pictures of a moving train is sometimes a bit challenging. Here part of this old German passenger train is in focus and the rest is a bit blurry.

One of the things I like to see are the many different train cars the members put on the tracks. Some of them have some very unique sets of train cars.

Ivy covered house, model railroad, modelsI not only like the trains, but also the buildings and landscapes of the modules. The different models look so realistic. I really like this ivy covered house and it brings back memories of similar houses I have see in Germany.

German town, model, church, model trains, ho gaugeThis is one of my favorite modules and I almost feel like I am visiting a German town. At the moment I am thinking of a visit I took to Aalen, Germany where some of the buildings in the downtown looked just like this.

I also like the church building in the background. But, where are the trains in this picture?

Train modules, ETE, European Train EnthusiastsThis is the corner module just beside the church building and we see two trains going in opposite directions. The modules are set in a square and have two tracks all the way around, with a few sidings along the way.

Train Control, HO Railroad, Model Railroad, Switch HutI really like the detail here. we have a switch man directing traffic coming out of the rail yard. The have a staging area with multiple tracks and this is where they pull out onto the main route.

Ah, this brings back some memories of my train set and some of the buildings that I put together. I must post this before I get too nostalgic and put in an order for some trains.




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Virtual Hike to Hays, Kansas

The latest segment on my Virtual Hike was a pretty short segment. However, it is a place that I want to visit in person someday, so wanted to share why.

Hays, Kansas, Mount Allen CemeteryI have been to Hays, Kansas many times, but never to the cemetery where my Great, Great Grandfather Lorenzo Dow Cochran is buried.  I knew that he died in Hays, and even visited the library there and found a newspaper article about his death. Unfortunately, I am not sure where I have it tucked away.

Lorenzo Dow CochranL.D. was working the wheat harvest while his pregnant wife and eleven children were living with relatives back in Missouri. According to the newspaper article he died of heat exhaustion on July 11, 1901 while working in the field.

There is a family story that he was murdered instead of dying of heat exhaustion, but I have heard several versions of the story and the newspaper article is pretty clear in the details.

Cochran, Hays, Kansas, Tomb StoneHere is a picture of the grave stone of L.D. Cochran. He was born in 1858 and died in 1901 so was only 43 years old.

Hays Kansas, L.D. CochranThe picture of the grave stone was taken in 1929 by a family member who was traveling through Kansas on their way back from the funeral of Leah Elizabeth Ramsey Cochran Garner who was the wife of L.D. Cochran. She died on June 3, 1929 in Goodland, Kansas and is buried in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have visited her grave and someday will share pictures.

Cemetery, Hays KansasThe Mount Allen Cemetery is very large so when I do visit someday it may take a while to find the grave.

Mount Allen Cemetery, Hays, KansasHowever, I would probably contact someone ahead of time to see if I could get some help locating it.

Find a Grave, Shattered Tomb Stone, Lorenzo Dow CochranI do know that the stone is not intact and that it is no longer upright. The picture above is from Sadly the stone is broken into at least four pieces.

Now on to the next stop. It is another place that is in the middle of nowhere but has geographical significance.


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