Taking Down A Limb

One of my tasks today was Taking Down A Limb on one of my backyard trees. I have known for some time that I would need to do this someday and should have done it long ago when the limb was not so big.

Tree saw, tree trimming, wayward branchThe limb on the tree was too long to just cut where it came off of the trunk of the tree, or it would have landed on the fence. Therefore I had to take down the limb in stages.

I did some quick mental measurements to see where I would need to cut the limb so it would not hit the fence when it came down. The first cut was way up in the tree, but luckily I have a nice pole saw. It was not an easy task as the limb was thick and the saw is not the best. My arms got a good workout.

The limb started coming down and missed the fence by just a bit, just as planned. It was still attached, but that was also part of the plan.

Next Cut, tree trimming, branches, yard workOnce that first cut was made it was time for the second one. I knew that with this cut the limb would then only drop enough so that the first limb reached the ground. I could then clean up all the smaller branches with it supported in the air.

Tree trimming, yard work, branchesHere you can see the result of the first two cuts. It was then easy to cut off the smaller branches.

Hanging branch, tree trimming, yard workOnce I finished off the first cut the limb was hanging from the second cut. It was then easy to finish that cut and bring the limb to the ground safely.

Third cut, tree work, yard work, tree limbI then made a third cut closer to the trunk of the tree. This one was a bit of work with my the small saw that I have, but it was finally done.

tree limbs, branches, tree maintenance, yard workHere are the two largest pieces laying along the walkway to my back yard. I will have to cut them into smaller pieces later, but it was too hot today.

The rest of the pieces are in a pile in the back yard and will most likely be a project for Saturday. I have to get them all in my yard waste container.

The tree definitely looks a bit better now and I don’t have to worry about it growing too far over the neighbors back yard any more.

I was glad that I finished the job in the morning as it ended up being over 100 degrees by mid-afternoon.



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Wednesday Wanderings X

Tonight I am having trouble centering my thoughts for a blog post, so will just write another Wednesday Wanderings post. This is the tenth in the unconnected series 🙂

Trina's Tea Kettle, Boutique, Loose Tea, Pomegranate Oolong tea, Tea ShopToday I took a day off work. In the afternoon I was running some errands so decided to stop by Trina’s Tea Kettle & Boutique on my way to the library. I wrote a little more about this tea shop in my post Pomegranate Oolong Tea. Trina has some very nice tea related items in her shop. There are also other food and beverage items in the shop.

I wanted to see if Trina had any new teas that might catch my eye. Trina’s shop has the biggest selection of loose leaf teas in town.

Flag at Half-Staff, Tracy, Library, Patriot Day, September 11I had some books to return to the library as well as some to pick up. I also had the chance to talk to the new librarian and see how she is adjusting to her new posting. It is nice to again have a head librarian at our branch.

Hank the Cowdog, Coyote, John EricksonSome of the books that I picked up at the library are from the Hank the Cowdog series. I am currently reading through the entire series in order. I have finished the first 20 of the 71 that are currently in the series. The most recent book is what rekindled my interest in Hank the Cowdog. See: The Case of the Monster Fire

Tree pruning, yard work, Hot days, summerI delayed working in my yard today since it was too hot and instead did some work inside. I did a bit of cleaning and organizing, but also did some reading and a bit of genealogy research.

I did get some exercise today as I took a long walk this evening after getting back from Bible study.

New Shoes, Sketchers, Famous ShoesTomorrow I need to do some shoe shopping. The shoe store that I usually go to has drastically cut back on the variety of shoes that I feel are appropriate to wear to work. I know that I can order them on-line, but shoes are one thing that I like to try before I buy.

However, before shoe shopping I need to get out in the yard in the morning before it gets too hot and doe some tree trimming 🙂

OK, enough wandering. I must get some sleep.



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