An Evening in Erfurt

This evening I am in Erfurt, Germany. I decided to spend the night in Erfurt so that I had an easier trip to Frankfurt in the morning for my flight. Instead of getting up very early and hauling my bag for 20 minutes to the train station to catch a regional train. I am walking about a hundred meters from my hotel to the train station to catch an ICE train.

Erfut, Haubptbahnhof, Germany, Train STationHere is the Hauptbahnhof in Erfut. Part of the older train station are still visible in the more modern construction building that is in use today.

Kramerbrucke, Houses on bridge, Erfurt GermanyEven though it was evening I went out to capture some pictures of the city. I have not visited Erfurt for many years. Except for switching trains at the train stationūüôā

Above is the Kr√§merbr√ľcke, which is a footbridge in Erfurt. The bridge spans the Breitstrom River. As you can see the bridge has houses and shops built on top of it.

Domplatz, Erfurt, Germany, Night ViewHere is a large plaza named the Domplatz. It has a obelisk in the middle of it as well of a statue of Minerva which is not shown in this view. The plaza is lined by some very nice looking buildings. The picture is taken from the steps leading up to the Erfurt Cathedral.

Domplatz, Erfurt, Germany, Erfurt Cathedral, Martin LutherThe large church building on the left is the Erfurt Cathedral which is also known as the Dom St. Marien or St. Mary’s Cathedral. The cathedral was constructed in the 14th and 15th century.

I will not share the history of the site in this post, but may write one in the future after doing some more research.

A historic ordination took place in the cathedral in 1507. This is where Martin Luther was ordained as a priest.

The church building on the right is St. Severikirche which was built in about 1300. I have been in both of these church buildings. I will have to try and find the pictures that I took.

Erfurt Cathedral, Erfurt Germany, Martin Luther, Catholic ChurchHere is another picture of the cathedral. You can see the sheer size of the building in this view. The building is even more impressive since it is built on a hill.

Now for some sleep before catching my train in the morning. It am reading to get home, but am teaching a course on Monday so there will be no time for a good rest.


An Autumn Evening in Jena

When traveling in autumn you usually do not have much time to explore where you are during daylight hours. By the time you finish work it is usually starting to get dark.

Saale River, Jena, Autumn, Colorful trees, dusk

Here was my view this evening as I stopped on the bridge over the Saale on the way back to the hotel. The autumn colors are very beautiful.

Usually during the week while traveling for work I have little more time than to get some dinner and catch up on e-mails. The amount of e-mail to catch up on is often related to where I am in the world and whether the home office is open or closed during my evening.

Jena City Church, Jena Germany. St. Michael, Church at night

Here is a picture that I took tonight of the Stadtkirche St. Michael in downtown Jena. This church building has an interesting tie to Martin Luther. See Reformation Day II to find out more. I will also be writing more about the connection in a few days.

I had planned on roaming through downtown Jena taking pictures, but rainy weather, my trip to Wittenberg on Saturday and my Half Marathon Hike on Sunday have kept me away during daylight hours.

Restauration Stilbruch, Wagnergasse, Cafe, Favorite Restaurant, Jena, GermanyI was able to have dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight. The Restauration Stilbruch is very popular and it is difficult to get a table most of the time. Especially during the colder times of the year when outdoor seating is limited.

Rote Pfanne, Restauration Stilbruch, jena, Germany, regional food, German foodSince this was my second visit to the restaurant during my trip I had my second favorite dish. I had a delicious rote pfanne (red pan) for dinner tonight.

Wagnergasse, Jena, Germany, Autumn EveningHere was the view down the Wagnergasse this evening after I completed my dinner. You can see the Intershop tower looming in the background. Now to finish a little bit of packing so I am ready to check out in the morning.