Grandpa the Nurseryman

Earlier today I was having some nice memories of my Grandpa as I was pruning my roses.

pruning, roses, when to prune, rose buds, roses, yard workFor many years my Grandpa worked for Interstate Nurseries in Hamburg, Iowa.Grandpa - Nursery - Picking Flowers in Field - Interstate Nurseries - Memories

Here is a picture of him working in a field of flowers.

I have some great memories of him bringing plants to us when he would visit.

I remember the smells as the boxes of roses or trees were opened up. I also remember helping grandpa dig the holes and setting the roses or trees.

Trees - Crab Apple Trees - Large Trees

About 10 years ago I checked on Google Maps and some of the trees that we planted are still standing.

Mister Lincoln, Rose Bush, Red Rose, Rose Blooms, Fragrant RoseIt is because of my Grandpa that I first planted roses in front of  my house. Even the choice of roses was influenced by him as several of them were his favorites, or ones that he brought us years ago.

There were other memories like the big ball of string that he brought us. We kept it in the laundry room and although we used string from it all the time, it didn’t seem to get much smaller.

Grandpa Photo Booth Picture, 1930's, Pictures

I also thought of a few of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa. Here is a photo booth picture from when he was dating my Grandma. Love at the Farm - Engagement Picture - Grandma and Grandpa with Dogs - Farm Picture

Another favorite picture was taken shortly after their engagement. I have always wondered why my Grandpa had two hats, the only explanation I can come up with is that one must be my Grandma’s.


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Starting to Prune

This year I have decided to spread out my pruning. I decided that I don’t need to do it all on one day.

pruning, rose bushes, january roses, yard workI started with the easiest bushes to prune. These two rose bushes are about 20 years old now and are nearing the end of their life. They are also in an area that doesn’t get much sun. They were initially planted in a sunny spot, but now a large tree shades them in the afternoon.

pruning, rose bushes, january roses, yard workIt only took a few minutes to prune these on Saturday. Later I will clean up the area around the base of the bushes, or perhaps just let the grass continue to grow around them, I haven’t decided yet.

pruning, rose bushes, january roses, yard workBehind my  larges rose bushes there is an area where I have a bunch of volunteer rose bushes. I usually let them grow through the year even though none of them have put out any blooms.

pruning, rose bushes, january roses, yard workI cut these back almost to ground level. While they are cut back I need to remove some of the old ground cloth. Or at least cut back the part that shows.

pruning, rose bushes, january roses, yard workToday I cut back the large bush I have in the backyard. This one is also a volunteer. It only has small roses and doesn’t continuously bloom all year. I am trying to train this one so that it doesn’t spill over the fence into the neighboring yards.

Tomorrow I will do some more pruning on the larger rose bushes. But, it is so hard to get started as they still have roses blooming. I guess I will bring the blooms inside and enjoy them for awhile. I know that the sooner I prune them the sooner I will have blooms again, so must just get them done.

Since tomorrow is a holiday, it will be a good day for yard work.



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