National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, so tonight I will share some pictures of my dog.

Pat - Long Hair Chihuahua - Family Pets - Family Dogs - Childhood PetsHere is a picture of my dog Pat. She was a long haired Chihuahua and was such a wonderful pet.

My dog pat, national dog day, my petPat liked to lay around, whether it was on the couch or on the church pew that we had in our living room. Didn’t everyone have a church pew in their living room?

dog with cats, Pat, My dog, National Dog DayPat would even hang out with the cats, although she did have a little bit of help getting onto Mom’s sewing shelves.

Pat, Dog, Pet, National Dog Day, Dog on PostHere is Pat when she was much younger. This is when we lived in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Pat and I, National Dog Day, My PetI am sure that you all want to see a picture of Pat with me, so here it is.

I am having some wonderful memories of Pat today. She was the perfect dog for me. Not so big and a nice quiet friend.

I am a bit leery of big dogs, but that is another story.

Happy National Dog Day!


East County Hall of Justice Construction Update

It has been a long time since I have posted pictures of the East County Hall of Justice. The building is now almost fully clad and you can start to see what it will end up looking like.

East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, Alameda CountyThe last pictures that I posted were from the East County Hall of Justice Top Out. This picture was taken a few months later and you can see that they were busy working on the floors of each level.

East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, Alameda CountyI was busy traveling during most of the first part of the year, but was able to get this picture in April when the curtain wall installation was just getting started.

East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, Alameda CountyBy May the glass curtain wall was pretty much installed. You can still see the stairwell at the west end of the building, but you will soon see that it will be fully enclosed.

East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, Alameda CountyA month later in June you can see that a lot of work has been done and more of the building had been enclosed. The taller part of the building in the back is where the court rooms will be and it looks like there will be great view from the lobby areas.

East County Hall of Justice, Dublin, Alameda CountyThis picture was taken earlier this week. I just realized that when I resized this picture that there is a lot of diffraction from the horizontal lines in the building. There are no diagonal lines on the walls, it just looks like it🙂

However, I am not going to go back and reprocess the picture. You can see how much additional work has been completed. They have really made a lot of progress on the exterior of the building.

They are also working on traffic improvements and reconfiguring the intersection by our office. It has caused a few traffic problems on the way to  work in the past few weeks.

It will be interesting to see how the building is landscaped and to someday see the interior of this building.