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Tonight I made a few updates to Braman’s Wanderings.

The first change is an important one as it will add more stability to my blog. I have had a few notifications from friends that I had a virus on my blog. There was actually no problem with my blog, but rather with some of the advertisements that were automatically added to the posts by WordPress. They work hard to control the ads, but unscrupulous advertisers find ways to include pop-ups that are phishing in nature. This usually only happens on mobile media as anti-virus and other controls usually catch this on a computer.

So, I decided it was time to convert to a personal plan and remove the ads from my site. It only costs a couple dollars a month and in the long run is something I will have to do as I run out of media storage.

So, no more ads on Braman’s Wanderings.

Israel Page Header, Braman's Wanderings, BlogkeepingThe second change is that I have added content and cleaned up my Israel page. At the top of each post there is a menu structure with pages about different subjects. You can see that Israel is highlighted in the picture above.

Israel Page, 2017 trip, chandler toursHere is a clip from the Israel page. I have added the daily posts from the trip that just concluded.

Post listing, Israel Page, Blog maintanenceAnother change on the Israel page is that I changed the way that the posts were listed. Shown above is the previous method.

Bulleted list, blog post listing, blog changesI decided to change to a bulleted list format so that you can see more posts on the screen at one time.

I also need to review the entire page and see if there are other links I need to add, but that is another project to work on later. I may also add some links at the top of the page to the different sections so it is easier to find things.

Check out the changes and let me know how you like the changes and if you have any more ideas as to how I can make the page better.




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National Selfie Day

Today has been National Selfie Day, and although I haven’t taken a selfie today I decided to share some of the selfies that I have used in my blog over time.

Early Digital Pictures, Sony Floppy Disk Camera, SelfieHere is one from quite some time ago and perhaps doesn’t quite qualify as a selfie since it was taken with a timer function instead of holding the camera away from myself.

I used this picture in a post titled Early Digital Days. The post featured pictures that I had taken with my first digital camera. The camera was a Sony that used diskettes to store the pictures.

Jerusalem Model, Israel Museum, JerusalemYou may be wondering what this picture has to do with selfies. I kept thinking about it as I didn’t notice that I had captured someone using a selfie stick at the Jerusalem model until after I used the picture in my post Friday in Israel. It illustrates why people sometimes take selfies. They want to show that they have been to a particular place.

Missouri River Boat Race, MR 340, Bridge, SelfieThis selfie was not taken by me, but is a good example of taking a selfie to show where you were. This is my brother and the other crew members of his boat when he was Paddling across Missouri in the MR340.

Galilee Selfie, Sea of Galilee, Boat RideThe picture that my brother took reminded me of this picture I took while in Israel. In my post Along the Galilee Shore I shared some pictures of us that were taken while we were on a boat ride in the Sea of Galilee. Near the end of the trip the captain of the boat took a selfie with all of us in the background. It was interesting to see him trying to position the camera and himself to get the picture. I was hoping to find the picture he took, but it was not taken with my phone.

Temple Steps, South of the Temple excavationsHere is a selfie that I took last week while in Jerusalem. We are at the steps going up into the Temple Mount. See: Thursday Morning in Jerusalem

Stop and smell the roses, yellow rose, fragrant rosesHere is unique selfie that I took earlier this year. I used it in my post Stop and Smell the Roses.

Lachish, Fourth Expedition, Selfie, BeardHere is one more selfie. I took this one last year while on my way to Israel for the dig. It is one of my favorite selfies.

Did you take any selfies today?




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