A Chinese Grocery

When I am traveling to other countries I like to visit grocery stores and see how much different they are from home.

I have worked in grocery stores and also in the packaging industry, so it is always neat to see how products are displayed.

Last Friday I visited a big grocery store down the road from the hotel.

Eggs, Not in Carton, Egg Selection, Chinese EggsIt was interesting to see eggs stacked up for the shopper to select. They have different varieties. Some are fresh, but others are hard boiled, pickled or aged.

Selecting Eggs, Chinese Grocery, Cartonless EggsHere you can see individual eggs and in the background there are cartons of eggs.

Net Bag Eggs, Egg Cartons, Packaged Eggs, Chinese eggsHere we have packages of eggs and also eggs in net bags. I remember seeing a children’s picture book where a little girl goes to the store and gets eggs in a net bag like this.

Chinese Grocery, Vegetable choices, Chinese VegetablesHere is a picture of some of the vegetables. A little different variety from what we have back home.

Gelatin display,  jello display, Chinese grocery

Here is a display of jellos. Of course Jello is a brand name, but jello seems to be a generic term here in China. I asked several of my students and they all called these jellos. Maybe it should be spelled gellos, but a search finds it as jellos.

In any case I saw several kids excitedly selecting their favorite jellos from this colorful display.

Warning: The pictures below show items not usually sold in this format in the US. Some may find them a bit disturbing.

Chinese Grocery, packaged seafood, whole fishOk, so this one is not too bad. We have packaged sea food back home. However, you may not find a whole fish like this in an American grocery store.

Turtles and Frogs, Chinese Grocer, Uncommon foods, Frog Legs, Turtle SoupHave you seen live frogs and turtles at a grocery store? Looks like there are some good frog legs here and maybe you could make a good turtle soup.

Chicken Feet, Loose feet, Chinese grocery, feet on iceHere we have chicken feet. I have seen packaged chicken feet in an Asian Grocery, but have never seen them displayed like this outside of Asia.

Here you can pick  out which chicken feet you want to buy. What are they looking for? The best shape? The most meat? I am not sure. In any case, you can tell if they are fresh.

CenturyMart Grocery, Chinese Grocery, Shopping, grocery store

There are many more interesting things in an Asian grocery, but these are some of the more interesting sights.

Writing this reminds me that I will have to go to the grocery store when I get back home, but not for these items.


Cooler at Home?

I have been keeping an eye on the weather and see that it has been very hot back home.

I already posted at the end of last week that it was Too Hot Today in Shanghai.

The weather has remained hot here, but the heat has also moved into California.

Shanghai Temperatures, Too Hot, Heat Index, AccuweatherIn the newspaper this morning there was an article saying that Wednesday was the third hottest day in Shanghai weather history. The temperature was 40.3 degrees Celsius which is 104.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today the forecast temperature is lower. I checked the temperatures at 10:24 this morning here in Shanghai and the current temperature was 99 degrees.

However the RealFeel or heat index was 120 degrees.

So, is it cooler at home?

Temperatures, Accuweather.com, humidity, heat index A couple minutes later I checked to see what the weather was at home. The temperature at 7:27 pm is still 100 degrees, but the heat index was only 97 degrees.

So, it was a degree higher in absolute temperature, but felt 23 degrees cooler than here in Shanghai.

You can see in the forecast that Thursday and Friday have a forecast high of 105 degrees, but again the heat index is basically the same.

It was definitely cooler back home:-)

During lunch however a big thunderstorm popped up nearby and it started to really rain.

Thunderstorm, Shanghai, Pudong, FloodingRain was pelting down and blown around by heavy winds. Thunder was crashing and there was some flooding in the parking area.

Crowne Plaza Pudong, Shanghai, Rain, ReflectionWe stepped out the front door on the way back to the classroom. The temperatures had dropped significantly. It felt like it was in the 70’s.

The wet pavement was nice as I was able to get a good reflection picture of the camel that is in front of the hotel.

Rainy Day, Thunderstorm, Heat Buster, RaindropsThe rain was still coming down and the wind was blowing the rain all over the place. It was a nice respite from the heat.

The temperatures on AccuWeather.com have not come down for Shanghai, but since it is such a big city there can be a big temperature difference across the city.

I am sure that the heat will be back very soon. In fact I may go check and see once I get done posting this:-)

I have also just checked the weather at home again. The temperature has already dropped to 75 and will drop into the 60’s overnight. Again, it is much cooler at home.