Silas Calvin Ramsey Pictures

Last month the gravestone for my 3rd Great Grandfather Silas Calvin Ramsey was set at the Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa.

See: Silas Calvin Ramsey Gravestone

Silas Calvin Ramsey, Civil War, Blacksmith, Iowa Cavalry, Woodland Cemetery, GravestoneSilas passed away in 1903, but he never had a permanent stone. Thanks to a local service organization, he now has one.

Tonight I am going to share some pictures of him. Some of them may not have been seen by some of my Ramsey cousins.

Silas Calvin Ramsey - 3rd Iowa Cavalry - Civil War - FarrierHere is a picture that most of the family has seen before. It was taken when he was younger and living near Fairfield, Iowa.

Iowa, Silas Calvin Ramsey, Horse trader, blacksmith, farrier, muleHere is a picture of Silas with a mule. Silas was a blacksmith and farrier and also a horse trader. Of course, horse traders also dealt with mules.

The back of the picture says that it was taken at Northboro.

Iowa, Silas Calvin Ramsey, bowtie, old portraitHere is a picture of Silas when he was older. You can see the same smile from when he was younger.

The back of the picture says: Great Grandfather Ramsey from sis Florine to Lottie.

I received an e-mail from one of my cousins just recently, and she may have the negative for this picture. We may be able to get a better image than this one.

Sarah Sears Ramsey, 3rd Great Grandmother, Geneology, AncestryOK, one more picture. Here is a picture of his wife Sarah Sears Ramsey.

You can also read more about Silas Calvin Ramsey’s life in my post Tracing Silas Calvin Ramsey.


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Bee Picture Attempts

This afternoon I went to the library to drop off and pick up books. As usual I again made attempts to take some good bee pictures.

Library, trees, flag, half staffHere are the trees in front of the library where I attempt to take pictures of honey bees.

You can also see that the flag is at half-staff to honor the victims of the tragedy in Indiana earlier this week.

bees, library, bumblebee, honey bee, natureHere is one of my best captures of the day. The honey bee is hard at work collecting.

bees, library, bumblebee, honey bee, natureHere is another bee looking for a target. I like the way that the bee is partly in the sun and partly in the shadows.

bees, library, bumblebee, honey bee, natureNow on to the community rose garden. Can you see the bee in this picture? I took a lot of pictures trying to get a good shot of this bee. It never landed, and hardly ever slowed down. However, it would at times hover.

bees, library, bumblebee, honey bee, natureHere is my best picture of the bumblebee. I was lucky that I was focused on a nearby leaf.

I captured the ‘Golden Snitch.’

Which bee picture do you like best?


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