Opening Date for Sacramento Cracker Barrel

The opening date for the Sacramento Cracker Barrel has been set and I am looking forward to a road trip later this summer. Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, St. Joseph, Missouri, Food FixI have been looking forward to this since I first learned in December 2016 that Cracker Barrel had plans to open stores in California.

At that time I wrote a post titled Cracker Barrel in California?

California Cracker Barrel, 1000 Howe, Eden-Arcade, CaliforniaThe Cracker Barrel in Sacramento will be at 1000 Howe Avenue in the Arden-Arcade area.

Sacramento Cracker Barrel, Arden, California Cracker Barrel, Howe AvenueThe Cracker Barrel website still does not list an opening date, but Sacramento media outlets today announced that it will open on August 20.

Sacramento Cracker Barrel, Wall items, River CityCracker Barrel also released some pictures of the wall displays. Sacramento is definitely a River City and this is a nice display of fishing memorabilia.

Sacramento Cracker Barrel, Wall Display, AntiquesAgriculture is also a big part of California and the Central Valley and this display shows some great advertising images as well as tools involved in growing and processing California crops.

Cracker Barrel Map, California Cracker BarrelsThe first Cracker Barrel in California opened earlier this year in Victorville and there are two more locations in the southern part of California that are on the way.


California Cracker Barrel Now Open

Santa Maria Cracker Barrel

Camarillo California Cracker Barrel

Chicken Fried Chicken, Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, Food FixI am looking forward to a plate of food just like this in California 🙂

Now I am hungry….


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Tracy Hills Update

Back in December I wrote a post titled Tracy Hills Construction Begins. I decided tonight to give an update as I found out that Google Maps has a new satellite image of the area that is quite interesting. But first a bit about Corral Hollow.

Tracy Traffic Troubles, Tracy Hills, Road Closure, Landscaping, 11th street, 580, Corral HollowEarlier this year Corral Hollow was closed entirely for utility work to support the Tracy Hills project. See my post Tracy Traffic Troubles for more details. There were many upset people who had to find other routes for their commute.

Corral Hollow, New Island, Tracy Hills, ConstructionCorral Hollow is now back open and includes a traffic island for the entry to the Tracy Hills project. My Sunday morning drive to Patterson is a bit shorter now 🙂

Blurry images brought to you by my dirty windshield which the camera focused on.

Tracy Hills, Tracy California, Corral Hollow, New HomesHere you can see road construction equipment at the Tracy Hills project. They are getting ready to start paving the roads throughout the project which is one of the last steps before houses start rising from the ground.

Tracy Hills, Tracy California, Tracy ConstructionHere is the new satellite image from Google Maps. You can see the general outline of the roads in the project. It was interesting to compare it with project maps available in Tracy Planning Commission meeting minutes.

Housing pads, Tracy Hills, Tracy CaliforniaHere is a closer look at the satellite image. You can see the individual parcels of land where houses will soon be built.

I am not looking forward to all the commuters this project will generate. But, perhaps they will get the metering lights on the Altamont activated before they will start having an effect on my commute. See: Metering the Altamont


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