After the Rain

After the thunderstorm yesterday I waited for the rain to finally end. I then headed out to the yard to take a look around.

snail after the rain wet sidewalkI first saw some snails on the sidewalk. I usually only see them at night after the sprinklers run.

raindrops, roses, rainMy roses had lot of raindrops on them, so had to take some pictures. Raindrops on roses are among my favorite things.

rain, wet footprint, sidewalk, footAs I walked back toward the door I found that I was leaving footprints. Walking in wet grass will definitely give you wet feet. Not sure where my pinky toe was 🙂

scape, agapanthus, flowers, plants, rainI also had raindrops on my agapanthus scapes.

agapanthus raindropsThe wind also blew a lot of leaves off the trees and they landed in some of my plants. I like the little drops of water here.

window raindrops, slats, louverThe sun was soon shining brightly and I had interesting patterns on the slats of the blinds.

Unfortunately I could not take a picture of the way it felt after the rain. Nice and cool and fresh smelling.


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Thunderstorm in May?

It is rare to get rain this late in the year here in California, and even rarer to have a thunderstorm.

However, the weather has been very unpredictable this year. Two days ago it was well over 100 and setting daily records and today thunderstorms.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherIt was real interesting to get a lightning proximity warning on my phone. I did not know that these existed. It seldom storms like this in California.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherThe rain was coming down very heavy and the thunder was rumbling in the sky. I thought I was back in Kansas.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherHere you can see the rain a little better. It was coming down in streams at times.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherWe even had a little bit of hail. I first heard it hitting on the windows. Luckily it was only very small.

California late rain, thunderstorm, weatherIt was nice however to look out the window and see the rain. Also to hear the thunder. I really do miss thunderstorms in the summer.

Are you having unseasonal weather where you live?


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