Today has been a very long day as I traveled from QYG to SFO.

qyg, german rail, goschwitz, trainsQYG is the code for German Rail. For more details see SFO – QYG.

I started my day early at the Goschwitz train station in Jena, Germany.

clifford and carry onHere my bags are waiting in the cold morning air.  I was actually able to take a later than expected train this morning as my flight was delayed. This worked out good as I only had to make one train change instead of two.

erfurt germany, train stationI changed from a regional train to an ICE at Erfurt, Germany. Here you can see that it is much lighter.

ICE, Fernbahnhof, Frankfurt Airport Train StationHere is the train at the Frankfurt Airport rail station. It is really nice that the train station is at the airport. It is then only a long walk to check-in and get to my gate.

We finally took off about two hours later than scheduled.

SFO, Christmas, Lights, WreathsAfter a long flight I finally landed at SFO and had a long wait for the parking shuttle. It was dark by the time I headed toward home. It was a tiring drive and I was glad to finally make it home.

Now for some real sleep.


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Weihnachten Party

Last night was the company Weihnachten Party here in Germany.

weihnachten party, jena, volkhaus, Christmas Party

The party was held in the Jena Volkshaus or People’s House.

The Jena Volkshaus was opened in 1903 and was built by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

I really like the grand staircase that goes up to the concert hall.

weihnachten party, jena, volkhaus, Christmas Party

The large hall we were in is used for concerts and other events. It is also the home of the Jeaner Philharmonie orchestra.

weihnachten party, jena, volkhaus, Christmas Party

In this picture you see a small orchestra. This orchestra is composed of company employees. They played a variety of music for us. They also provided music for dancing instructions that were party of the evening entertainment.

weihnachten party, jena, volkhaus, Christmas PartyWe had a buffet dinner with some very good traditional German food. I really enjoyed the food.

weihnachten party, jena, volkhaus, Christmas PartyThe desserts were also very good.

The pictures of the food are not so good because of the lighting in the room. The food was much better than it looks in the picture.

I enjoyed spending time with my colleagues at the party. I also got a little prize in a raffle. I will show of a picture of it sometime after I have used it.

Now for some sleep as I have to be up early to catch a train to the airport.



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