Nepal Oolong Tea

This evening when I got home I turned on the tea kettle so that I could have some hot water for some tea.

I also had just found out that January is National Hot Tea Month. I didn’t know that there was such a thing, but several tea sites are hyping it on their home pages.

National Tea Month, Nepal Oolong Jun Chiyabari, Tea, Tea GschwendnerTonight I tried the Nepal Oolong that I brought back with me from my trip to Germany. It is one of the teas that I bought from Tee Gschwendner in Jena. See: Tuesday Night in Jena

Nepal Oolong, Hot Tea, Loose Tea, National Tea MonthHere is a closeup of the tea leaves. I need to be a bit more careful taking closeup pictures as this is a bit out of focus 🙂 However,  you can see the withered tea leaves pretty good despite the blurry section of the picture.

Infuser, Tea Leaves, Nepal Oolong TeaWhile waiting for the water to boil I put a teaspoon of tea in the infuser of my TrendGlas Jena Teecup. Some oolong teas are brewed with cooler temperatures, but for this tea the instructions called for boiling water.

Glass Infuser, Tea Leaves, Oolong tea, Nepal OolongHere you can see the tea leaves starting to open up in the hot water and the changing color as the water is infused with the tea. The brew time for this tea is only two minutes so it didn’t take it too long to infuse.

Nepal oolong, Cup of Tea, Golden Tea, Nutty, TeaHere I have taken the infuser out of the cup and placed it into the lid. One of the nice things about loose tea is that you can usually get several infusions from the tea leaves. It is all ready for another cup of tea.

However, I am sure you want me to write about the beautiful tea that you see in the cup. The color is a wonderful golden color and it also has a wonderful aroma that is a bit flora. While letting the tea cool a bit I just held the cup so that I could breathe in the aroma.

The taste of the tea was also wonderful. It has a slightly nutty taste with a bit of floral notes. The mouth feel of the tea is also really nice. The tea has a very smooth taste and a nice finish.

It was interesting to see how the tea changed with additional infusions. One of the nice things about an oolong tea is that you can get multiple cups of tea from the same leaves.

The Nepal Oolong compares well with the Oolongs from Taiwan. I also bought some Oolong from Taiwan in Germany so will be trying it soon for comparison.

Hmm, should I have another cup of tea before bed?




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Fog Drenched Roses

This past week I took some pictures of my roses during the morning fog.

I expected them to look a bit like what they do when it rains. See: Raindrops on Roses However, there are some interesting differences.

Roses, Fog, Foggy Weather, Drops on RosesHere you can see the effect that the fog has on a rose bloom. The petals are covered with different sized droplets of water, but most of them are small.

Fog, Rose, Water Droplets, January RoseHere is a little closer view. With rain, the drops are usually larger and are more separated. With the fog the petals get drenched and the drops do not consolidate.

Rose Leaves, Fog, California, January RosesHere are some of the leaves on the bush. Here again you can see that the entire leaves are covered with droplets. Often with rain you will see only a few larger drops.

Yellow Rose in FogThe water droplets were harder to see on this yellow rose. I took this picture just minutes later than the ones above. The bloom was also in a bit warmer place and did not have as much condensation of the fog droplets.

A beautiful rose for January.

Rose, Fog condensation on Rose, Red RoseI took this picture this morning. There was not as heavy of fog today, but there was still condensation on the rose. The rose is still really fragrant as it is a Mr. Lincoln rose.

This will be one of the last roses on the bush as I will be cutting back my roses later this month. It is so hard to do when there are still rose blooms, but it needs to be done.


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