Camarillo California Cracker Barrel

Last month the location of another Cracker Barrel in California was announced.

This one will be located at the Camarillo Premium Outlets in Camarillo, California.

Camarillo Cracker Barrel, Premium Outlets, Southern California Cracker BarrelIn early March the Camarillo City Planning Commission approved the project. The meeting package is full of plans and renderings. Nothing too exciting as it will look like most every other Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel, Camarillo, Outlets, California Cracker BarrelThe location will be near the intersection of Las Posas Road and Ventura Boulevard. They expect that by the end of the year that you will be able to shop at the outlets and then have a nice meal at Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel Map, California Cracker BarrelsWith the Cracker Barrel locations that have been announced there are now three that are planned for Southern California.

The first Cracker Barrel in California opened earlier this year in Victorville. See: California Cracker Barrel Now Open

The Santa Maria Cracker Barrel has also been approved by the local planning commission and will most likely soon be under construction.

California Cracker Barrel, 1000 Howe, Eden-Arcade, CaliforniaThe next Cracker Barrel to open in California will be on Howe Avenue in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento in a few months. See: Sacramento Cracker Barrel Update

I am hoping that they will soon announce another Northern California Cracker Barrel. There have been at least two proposals that have fell through or been delayed and I am sure that more will come soon. I have been watching the agendas of several planning commissions where I think there is a good chance for a Cracker Barrel.

Chicken Fried Chicken, Cracker Barrel, Old Country Store, Food FixIt won’t be long until more people will be enjoying good home style meals like this 🙂

Where do you want to see a Cracker Barrel in California?



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Coyotes and Chickens

On Sunday I saw a coyote at the orchard. I was sitting watching the Kittens at Play when all of a sudden I heard the roosters kick up a fuss and the dog starting to bark.

I looked up and saw a coyote chasing the roosters off to the side of the house. The roosters were taking flight and quickly getting away.

Coyote, orchard, Canis latrans ochropusIf you look closely here you can see the coyote in the center of the picture just above the chain link fence.

Canis latrans ochropus, coyote, predator, california valleyThe coyote quickly headed off into the orchard. Here is a long distance shot of the coyote. Here in California we have the California Valley Coyote (Canis latrans ochropus).

Hank the Cowdog, Coyote, John EricksonI am more familiar with the Plains Coyote (Canis latrans latrans). It is the largest of the coyote subspecies. I remember my first Boy Scout camp out and hearing the coyotes howl in the distance.

If you have read The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog you will get a great description of coyotes and how they live. The Hank the Cowdog series is by John R. Erickson who worked on ranches in the Panhandle area. He may have heard some of the same coyotes howl that I did as we were camping near one of the ranches he worked on at the time.

Chicken Coop, Coyote, Chicken in Rafters, Roosting ChickenJust as the coyote passed through there was a big ruckus from the chicken coop. I went and took a look and one of the chickens was roosting in the rafters and making lots of noise. They know how to spread the alarm.

The little kittens also disappeared under cover as the mother cat came running.

Chicken, feed bucket, chicken coopOne of the chickens came over to where I was standing outside the coop and took a good look at me. She is used to having me visit inside, not outside. This chicken likes me a bit. See an interesting picture of her in my post Chickens.

Luckily all the animals were OK after the coyote passed through. They usually have a healthy respect for the orchard dog and quickly go away.

Have you seen a coyote recently?


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