50s Toys

Tonight I am remembering a display from the SFO Museum .Modern consumer, airport museum, sfo, 50's productsWhen I visit the domestic terminal at SFO, I always enjoy walking through the displays from the SFO Museum on the way out to my gate.

In July 2019 the theme was the Modern Consumer: 1950s Products and Style.

50s toys, etch a sketch, mr. potato head, toysThe display that got my mind wandering was one of 1950’s toys.

50s toys, etch a sketch, toys, drawing, sfo museumOf the toys in the display the one that I have the most memories of is the Etch a Sketch. I remember getting one when I was in the hospital in an oxygen tent.

Unfortunately, I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital with respiratory issues when I was young.

Mr Potato head, SFO museum, culture, potato head, no plastic spudMr. Potato Head has been in the news recently which is more why I am thinking of this display. This is the original box, and you can see that it did not include the head. You had to supply your own potato or a fruit or vegetable.

I talked to my Mom last night and she remembers having one of these sets. She remembers the felt pieces that were used for the eye brows and having to provide the potato.

Do you know why they started providing the plastic head? The plastic pieces had to be sharp enough so that they could be pushed into the potato and were a hazard for children. The solution? – the plastic head with holes and pegs.

Mrs. Potato Head, culture, spuds, toysMrs. Potato Head debuted only a year after Mr. Potato Head and was followed by many other figures and accessories.

Mr. Potato Head has remained popular throughout the years, especially after his role in the Toy Story movies.

Did you have a Mr. Potato Head or a Mrs.  Potato Head?



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A Shorter February

This year February is shorter than last year. Of course, that means that last year was a leap year.

However, even though it was a short month it was filled with interesting things.

simon estes, opera, black opera singer, Faith, music, centerville IowaFebruary was Black History Month so I wrote about a family connection to Simon Estes.

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesTwo of our most important presidents were born in February, and I have ancestors who lived near both of them. To honor Washington and Lincoln I featured them in posts in my new series They Lived Near:


They Lived Near: Abraham Lincoln

They Lived Near: George Washington

sister, birthday, little girlMy little sister had a birthday this month.

Saugus Iron works, saugus massachusetts, virtual hikeI wrote a post in my Virtual Hike series. Why was Saugus a destination on my journey across America?

See: Virtual Hike to the Saugus Iron Works

Mason shoe, dealer, van duzorI also wrote some other posts about family history including one about my great grandfather being a Shoe Salesman.

I hope you enjoyed my February posts.






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