90 Years of Twinkies

On April 6, 1930 James A. Dewar invented Twinkies. Dewar was the manager of a Continental Baking plant in Schiller Park, Illinois. He came up with the idea to utilize a machine that was only used in strawberry season for the rest of the year.

Twinkies, Hostess, Snack Cakes, 1970's Packaging, box of TwinkiesThe new creation was a snack cake filled with a banana cream. During WWII the filling was changed to vanilla because of the scarcity of bananas.

Banana Twinkies - Hostess Snack Cakes - Original Twinkies Flavor - Wal-Mart TwinkiesOf course, Banana Twinkies are sometimes available today as well as many other flavors.

Twinkies - Hostess Twinkies - First Batch - Sweetest Comback in the History of EverYou may remember that back in November 2012 that Hostess went bankrupt and Twinkies were unavailable. During the time Twinkies were unavailable in the US they were made in Canada which is where James A. Dewar was born.

InĀ  July 2014 Twinkies made The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever. I was able to get of box from the First Batch.

Key Lime Slime Twinkies, Ghostbusters, Hostess, Flavored TwinkiesSince then Twinkies have been made in many different flavors like Key Lime Slime.

Deep Fried Twinkies, Hostess, Carnival Food, Fair Food, Bake at home, Snack CakesYou could also get Deep Fried Twinkies.

Did you know Twinkies have been around for that long?


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Found Items

When you start looking for one thing you start finding other things.

Here are some items I have found recently.

panasonic tape player, mobile tape playerToday I found my old Panasonic tape player. I also found a few cassettes with it and have been listening to some songs I haven’t heard in many years.

found pictures, gravestones, fox photo, photo developmentIn the same box with the tape player I found a packet of pictures. It has some of the last pictures that I took with a film camera. I had been looking for these gravestone pictures for quite some time. Also in the packet are some cute pictures of my oldest niece and a cousin playing dolls. I will be sharing some of these pictures in future posts, but for now my scanner is underneath a pile of books and papers.

orchard, hay ride, memories, Kansas CityThis picture would have been a little better if I would have scanned it in. This one was not in the packet of pictures, but was in a box of church bulletins and lessons. This picture brought back some really good memories of a wonderful hay ride.

High School Medals, track, cross country, speech, academicsOn Friday I was looking for neckerchiefs, scarves or other items to use as masks. I actually found several Boy Scout neckerchiefs which will be put to good use.

In one of the boxes that I went through I found a jar full of medals. I knew they were in a jar somewhere but haven’t seen them in years. There are many memories and stories in this jar.

class ring, senior key, memories, found itemsAlso in the box with the medals was my biggest find. There have been several times in the past 10 years when I have tried to find my class ring. I thought that perhaps it had gotten lost, but knew for sure it had been returned by the last person to wear it. It was with my Senior Key, so now both of these mementos from high school are sitting on my desk by my computer.

Lots of memories in these found items.


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