Boating at Porter’s

I ran across an article in one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks tonight that made me think of a post I wrote last week.

The post that I wrote last week was Boating on the Cauvery, where I shared pictures from a boat ride on a river in India.

Porter's Lake, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nishna Valley Playground, YMCAThe article is about the many offerings that Shenandoah, Iowa had in 1956 for summer fun.

One of these was was boating on Porter’s Lake.

Porter's Lake, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nishna Valley Playground, YMCAHere is the caption for the first picture:

BOATING AT PORTER’S – What could give a boy more pleasure than boating with his pals in the summertime? Here, under the spreading branches of the weeping willow trees at Porter’s Lake north of the city four boys are enjoying themselves at the YMCA day camp.

The scene is so peaceful and the boys look like they are having a great time.

I am sure that it was much safer than the crocodile infested waters of the Cauvery River.

Porter's Lake, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nishna Valley Playground, YMCAThe YMCA day camp was held each summer at the Nishna Valley Playground which included Porter’s Lake. The boys learned to fish and boat along with other activities.

In the picture above there are three boats and it looks like they are having a little problem keeping away from each other 🙂

Porter's Lake, Shenandoah, Iowa, Nishna Valley Playground, YMCA

SCENIC BEAUTY SPOT – Another beautiful spot in the immediate area of Shenandoah is Porter’s Lake, located just north of the city. Here, children in boats are enjoying themselves on the pond. In the background is the automobile bridge. Picnic facilities are available at Porter’s as is a roller skating rink which is sometimes used for square dancing.

The roller skating rink at Porter’s Lake is still being used although it is now run by a Shenandoah church.

I am sure that many people from the Shenandoah area remember fun times at Porter’s Lake. I will have to ask my Dad if he ever spent time there.

Coin, Iowa where my Dad grew up was only about 15 miles from Shenandoah.

Do you have memories of a local park or lake where you could go boating?





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3 Responses to Boating at Porter’s

  1. At YMCA’s Camp Cosby near my hometown (BHM), I learned how to intentionally capsize a canoe in deep water, then hold it upside down to let the water out, and get back in. Retrieving paddles was the next trick.😂

  2. Sheryl says:

    I remember a park with a lake that had a huge wooden slide. We’d carry wooden “sleds” up the slide stairs, and then sit on them and go down the slide into the water. It’s hard to describe, but it was lots of fun. The slide is long gone–it probably was considered too dangerous by modern standards.

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