Old-Time Photography

Here is a list of links to my Old-Time Photography posts.

I have included one picture from each post. Click on the links to find out more about each of the pictures.

Old-Time Photography

20120715-155111.jpgOld-Time Photography II

Ramsey Cousins - Old-Time Photography

Old-Time Photography III

Grandpa - Photo Booth Picture - Photomaton - 1930's Photo Booth Picture - Old-time PhotographyOld-Time Photography IV

Love at the Farm - Engagement Picture - Grandma and Grandpa with Dogs - Farm PictureOld-Time Photography V

Old Footbal Uniforms, Tarkion Missouri Football, 1930's Football, Grandpa's Football TeamOld-Time Photography VI

Mules, Iowa Mules, Great Grandfather, 1890's Snapshot, Farm PictureOld-Time Photography VII

Women Riding Bicycles, 1890's, Solio Paper, Printing Out Paper, Old-Time PhotographyOld-Time Photography VIII

Eating Watermelon, Barrell Springs Ranch, Lamar, Colorado, WatermelonOld-Time Photography IX

Isaac Grenawalt, 3rd great uncle, Kentucky, Iowa, beard

Interesting Old Picture

Cutter Place, Coin, Iowa, Basketball, wedding game? Women in yardOld-Time Photography X – More Photo Booth

Photo Booth, Pictures, 1930's, Smiles, Couple in Photo BoothOld-Time Photography XI – Cows and Horses

Old Time Photography, Cow, Milk Maid, Ma and CowOld-Time Photography XII – Chickens

baby, chicks, chicken, old-time photography, porch

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  8. carel chapman says:

    Steven, I just went through all of your ‘old-time’ entries. Really interesting. Your grandmother was certainly beautiful! Thanks for the stroll …

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