Hamburg Main Street

Today I have been thinking about Hamburg, Iowa where my father went to High School.

I learned earlier today that one of Hamburg’s most colorful characters had passed away.

Willie Perkins was known as the man who walked everywhere. To some people he was known as Walkin’ Willie. He would often walk to Nebraska City which was about 15 miles away.

Willie was a special person who was helped by many and who will also be remembered by the many people who knew him. He was born in 1933 and would have celebrated his 80th birthday next April.

So today I am sharing a few pictures of Hamburg’s Main Street as a memorial to Willie.
Flag Pole in Intersection - Hamburg, Iowa This flag pole is in the middle of one of the busiest intersection in the small town of Hamburg. The flag pole in the middle of the street is something that I will always remember about Hamburg. One of the first things that I look for when we enter town. I also really like the windows on the buildings behind the flag pole. Windows in Hamburg, IowaThese are not the windows in the background of the picture above, but are some more of the interesting Hamburg Windows. I wrote a post earlier this year about windows in Hamburg.Hamburg, Iowa Main Street - Flagpole in intersectionHere is another picture looking down Main Street and another view of the flagpole. I always wonder how many times the flagpole has been hit over the years.Stoner Drug - Hamburg, Iowa - Soda FountainA post showing pictures of Main Street in Hamburg would not be complete without a picture of Stoner Drug. I also wrote a post about Stoner Drug earlier this year. If you click on the link you will see a picture of the old Soda Fountain and a little bit of history of the drug store.

Willie will be missed but will live on in the memories of the many people who knew him.


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22 Responses to Hamburg Main Street

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh dear, what a loss for the town. These long time residents always have so much history to share. I hope someone was able to write some of it down. It’s funny about main streets in small towns and these flag poles. Seems I see that a lot. Were they hoping to slow people down? Or maybe manage rush hour traffic..hehe

  2. I am reading in far-away Ireland, but I really enjoyed this post, crisply written, full of great local history and a real sense of place. I hope you’ll forgive if I admit I smiled (in a good way) when you described the flagpole as being at “one of the busiest intersections” (There is not a car or a pedestrian in sight!) Terrific piece, I look forward toi visiting again in future. -Arran.

  3. Sheryl says:

    What an odd place to put a flag pole! It looks like they wanted to have a little park in the center of town–but there wasn’t quite enough room so they just put the flag pole in the center of a little walled flower bed.

    What a nice tribute to Willie–It’s nice the way the town cared about him.

    • Sharon Rogers says:

      The original flagpole was stuck in a round concrete block, no adornments of any kind, and it was about 2 1/2 ft. across. Then someone hit it with a large vehicle and broke the concrete base to pieces. When the City replaced it, they built the larger, more ornate flowerbed base, as you see in the picture. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what year that was.

      • Linda Leyden says:

        I was searching tonight for some info. on Hamburgs 100th year, when I ran across this blog.
        I had to smile at the posting above, as I remember exactly what happened to the original flag pole and it’s concrete block. My brother-in-law had too much to drink one night and wrapped his little hot road ford around it. He could have been killed and with the grace of God only came out of it with a few scratches. This would have taken place in the early sixties. It was the talk of the little town for quite some time. Enjoyed reading this comments.

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    Enjoyed …

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  10. Cindy Carlock says:

    I wish all of Hamburg could have known Willie like we did:) He came to church almost weekly, sometimes with his popcorn and hotdog in hand, from the movie theatre:) Would tip-toe across the stage in front of all of us, to go to the restroom, instead of going out and around like everyone else did. I always felt bad for him, because of a language struggle he had since childhood, people thought he wasn’t smart. He actually was smart, kind, loving, and a very physically strong man. He worked for my grandpa regularly, and has always held a special place in the hearts of our family. At my grandpa’s funeral, he showed up late to the funeral home, and the attendant at the door, wasn’t going to let him “interrupt”. My cousin stood up, went to the door, and kindly told the man, that if anyone deserved to be there, it was Willie. When he passed away, the hurst drove down main street in Nebraska City, and people lined the streets in his honor, and when his body arrived in Hamburg, they did the same. I wish he understood in life, the love and affection people really had for him. He was a baptized believer, and has gotten his reward…….walking the streets of heaven!!

  11. Mary Hudson says:

    Willie was well known and liked by many. I live in Missouri, but I knew him. I picked him up on the way to Nebraska City and he showed me where to buy “good shoes ” . The thrift store in Nebraska City. I loved it.

  12. Marcy H says:

    I always remember willy when I would walk around with my friends , or just maybe riding around town! He was such a great man … And the kindest . I will never forget Willie Perkins!

  13. Lois Y Lynn says:

    Great person he was, when he got his first wrist watch it would talk and tell him the time he was so excited and came to show it to my mother many years ago. He was faithful to his church. He could walk faster than anyone and walked many miles to Nebraska City and back to Hamburg. He will always be remembered in Hamburg and Nebraska City. When his body arrived in Hamburg many people were standing out in respect to him. They even took his body down the street in front of his home place in Hamburg which I thought was great. Willie loved his animals and treated them with respect. He is still missed today here in the BUrg. Rest in Peace and keep walking on those streets of Gold in Heaven.

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  16. Taylor Parton says:

    I have owned a home in Hamburg, Iowa since July 2017 Its a Clean Small Town, where Kids can safely still Ride a Bicycle around the block,. Few Businesses but Nice. Quick order Diner/ Bar, City Movie $2.00 Movie on Fri n Saturday. Small Gas Station and a Few Churches… couple of Antique Stores, Low Taxes,.. Named after HAmburg, Germany, Hamburg Iowa sits a stones throw from the Missouri n Nebraska State Line. — Quaint little Town.

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