Easter Scrapbook Images

This evening I took a look through my Grandma’s Scrapbooks looking for  Easter images.

Carrying the Cross, Passion Week, Jesus and Cross, EasterOne of the images I found was of Jesus falling underneath the weight of a cross. There are some interesting problems with this image, but it is the way that this scene is typically portrayed.

Women at Tomb, The Empty Tomb, Resurrection, Easter Sunday, He is RisenHere is another image I found of three women at the tomb where Jesus was laid.

This is probably from a church bulletin. You can barely see that there is typed text on the back side of the item.

I like the colorful image, even though the women are portrayed as being much younger than they would have been.

See my post, The Empty Tomb, for images of tombs with rolling stones.

Joyful Easter, Easter Greeting, Resurrection, Empty TombWishing You a Joyful Easter

Here is a snip from a greeting card. The white lilies and little purple flowers are very beautiful, a nice representation of the spring season and the renewal of life.

The flowers remind me of a post I wrote about Heritage Lilies.



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