A Little Space

Today I have been thinking about Space since it is the 29th anniversary of the Challenger Tragedy. Last year I wrote about some of my memories of that day in Challenger Memories.

U. S. News and World Report - Challenger Tragedy - MemoriesIf you are in my generation or earlier you will most likely remember where you were that day. I was on a break from a college class when I found out.

It is hard to believe that it has been 29 years since that time.

Tonight I decided to just share a few more links to posts I have written about different Space programs.

October 1957 Sputnik Newspaper Clippings First SatelliteThe first one goes back to 1957. In my post Sputnik I shared some newspaper clippings from my Grandma’s Scrapbooks and also some of her thoughts from that time. They are a bit surprising.

Glenn Orbits Three Times Headline - First Orbital Flight - John Glenn - Friendship 7 - GeminiNext in historical order is Friendship 7 where I shared clippings from when John Glenn orbited the earth. There is also a nice Frank Andrea Miller editorial cartoon and a picture of one of my favorite space mementos which was also given to me by my Grandma.

Frank Andrea Miller - Editorial Cartoon - Frank Miller - Why Man into Space - Moon LandingThe last article is Moon Landing which has another Frank Andrea Miller cartoon plus more pictures of my favorite memento.

Now my mind is wandering to other posts that I have made about the moon like The Blood Red Moon, but I will spare you those links tonight.

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the Challenger Tragedy?



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