Restauration Stilbruch

Tonight I was able to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I have been looking forward to this evening ever since I found out I had to take a trip here to Jena, Germany.

Restoration Stilbruch, wagnergasse, Jena, Germany, Cuisine, FoodRestauration Stilbruch is located on Wagnergasse in Jena. The street is a pedestrian street and is full of restaurants with outdoor seating and small shops.

This picture is from earlier today as we were taking a tour around Jena. You can see that the tables are full. We made a plan to come back for dinner.

Stilbruch, Jean, Wagnergasse, Restoration Stilbruch, German Food, Cuisine, RestaurantIt is interesting as to exactly what the name is, as this awning says Cafe Stilbruch. Their website calls it Restauration Stilbruch.

Restauration Stilbruch, Restaurant, Thuringer Food, Cuisine, German Food, Outdoor restaurant
The second awning does have Restauration. I looked up a translation of restauration and it shows as Inn or Tavern.

The restaurant serves Thuringer cuisine but more specifically some rustic dishes from this part of the state.

The building that the restaurant is in was originally the workshop of a shoe maker. This was definitely an area that had workshops as two of the early workshops of Carl Zeiss were also close by.

Biernen-pfanne, Cafe Stilbruch, German Cuisine, Thuringer Cusine
So what did I order for dinner tonight?

I had my favorite dish called Birnen-Pfanne. Here is the description from the menu: Schweinefleischstreifen angeschwenkt mit Birnen und Kartoffeln, gewürzt mit frischem spanischen Pfeffer (scharf!!!), mit Gouda gratiniert

For those of you who do not know much German, the name of the dish in English would be Pear Pan. The ingredients are strips of pork, pears, potatoes, Spanish peppers and Gouda cheese.

Biernen-pfanne, Cafe Stilbruch, German Cuisine, Thuringer CusineI will let this picture speak as to whether I liked the dish or not. There was one small change in the dish since last time I had it. It used to be drizzled with a sauce that is no longer added. Probably a way to cut a few calories 🙂

The food was wonderful as always.

Now to think about what restaurant to eat at tomorrow night. There are so many good restaurants here in Jena.  See my post German Food for another restaurant I want to visit.


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