An Autumn Evening in Jena

When traveling in autumn you usually do not have much time to explore where you are during daylight hours. By the time you finish work it is usually starting to get dark.

Saale River, Jena, Autumn, Colorful trees, dusk

Here was my view this evening as I stopped on the bridge over the Saale on the way back to the hotel. The autumn colors are very beautiful.

Usually during the week while traveling for work I have little more time than to get some dinner and catch up on e-mails. The amount of e-mail to catch up on is often related to where I am in the world and whether the home office is open or closed during my evening.

Jena City Church, Jena Germany. St. Michael, Church at night

Here is a picture that I took tonight of the Stadtkirche St. Michael in downtown Jena. This church building has an interesting tie to Martin Luther. See Reformation Day II to find out more. I will also be writing more about the connection in a few days.

I had planned on roaming through downtown Jena taking pictures, but rainy weather, my trip to Wittenberg on Saturday and my Half Marathon Hike on Sunday have kept me away during daylight hours.

Restauration Stilbruch, Wagnergasse, Cafe, Favorite Restaurant, Jena, GermanyI was able to have dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight. The Restauration Stilbruch is very popular and it is difficult to get a table most of the time. Especially during the colder times of the year when outdoor seating is limited.

Rote Pfanne, Restauration Stilbruch, jena, Germany, regional food, German foodSince this was my second visit to the restaurant during my trip I had my second favorite dish. I had a delicious rote pfanne (red pan) for dinner tonight.

Wagnergasse, Jena, Germany, Autumn EveningHere was the view down the Wagnergasse this evening after I completed my dinner. You can see the Intershop tower looming in the background. Now to finish a little bit of packing so I am ready to check out in the morning.


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One Response to An Autumn Evening in Jena

  1. You are very lucky to have a job that involves travelling to such beautiful places. The photos are exquisite.

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