Sunday Night in Jena

This evening I took a trip into the city center for dinner.

lobdeburg castle, Jena, Germany, Night View

While waiting for the street train near my hotel I decided to try and get a picture of  the Lobdeburg Castle. The picture of the castle is not too clear, but you get a sense of the cold autumn evening.

stilbruch restaurant, Jena, Germany, Wagnergasse

My dinner this evening was at Restauration Stilbruch. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Jena. I of course had to have my favorite dish of pork, potatoes and pears.

Pulverturm, Jena Germany, City Walls

After dinner I decided to take a little walk around town before heading back to the hotel.

I also wanted to try and get a good picture of the Pulverturm which is one of the original four corner towers of the Jena city walls.

Old Christmas Market, Jena, Germany, Pulverturm

In the area around the Pulverturm there is a Historic Christmas Market. There is a little stage where performances are held including the playing of old style instruments. Plus a lot of food and merchandise stalls.

Christmas Pyramid, Ferris Wheel,Weihnachtspyramide

There is also a carnival set up with a large ferris wheel. In the center of the carnival area is a large Weihnachtspyramide or Christmas pyramid.

With sunrise at around 8 am and sunset shortly after 4 pm not very many of my pictures during this trip will be taken in sunlight.


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