Some Good Eats in Germany

This morning I will share some pictures of some of the food I have eaten this week.

I always have good eats in Germany.

stilbruch, jena Germany, good eats

The lighting was not so good at Restauration Stilbruch, but the food was really good.

I had my favorite dish called Birnen-Pfanne.

Here is the description from the menu: Schweinefleischstreifen angeschwenkt mit Birnen und Kartoffeln, gewürzt mit frischem spanischen Pfeffer (scharf!!!), mit Gouda gratiniert

For those of you who do not know much German, the name of the dish in English would be Pear Pan. The ingredients are strips of pork, pears, potatoes, Spanish peppers and Gouda cheese.

potatoes, pork, onions

Earlier this week I had dinner at The Kartoffelhaus.

This is one of my favorite dishes. Lots of potatoes and onions along with a pork steak.

cafeteria lunch, Jena, germany

For lunch each day we go to a nearby cafeteria. It is a new place and the food is pretty good. Yesterday the special was a nice bowl of pasta and chicken.

old restaurant, jena, germany, soup

Last night we went to an Old Restaurant. The Roter Hirsch is one of the oldest continuous operating restaurants in the world. It was founded in 1509.

I started out my meal with a nice bowl of Soljanka. A wonderful meaty soup that is a little sour.

Thuringer Rostbratchen, roter hirsch, old restaurant

My main dish last night was Thuringer Rostbratchen. It was very similar to what I had at the Kartoffelhaus, but a different cut of pork.

It was delicious as always. I was joined by two colleagues from China and we also shared our table with a gentleman from the UK who lives and works in Jena.

We had some good conversation.

Now I am hungry and must head down for breakfast.


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