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The Week that Was

Here it is Friday night and I am trying to think of ideas for a post.

It has been a long week, but thankfully it is the weekend now.

The week started out with me teaching a class and preaching a sermon on Sunday morning. See: Sunday Morning Images

mexican food, Mexican Cuisine, Carne Asada, Beef, Beans, Rice, PattersonAfter services we went to lunch along with some of our visitors.  We went to a nice Mexican restaurant and I had a nice lunch of Carne Asada. Fortunately the preacher didn’t speak too long and we got there before the restaurant filled up.

Grass Fire, Dublin, East County Justice Center, Summer HeatOn Tuesday my students came back to class after lunch talking about a fire. There was a large grass fire north of our building so I went out and took a picture.

You can see here that the East County Hall of Justice is slowly taking place. Click here to see what it looked like a couple weeks ago.

Wreck, Corrall Hollow Road, Tesla Road, TrafficTraffic has been horrible almost every day this week. One of the main routes between the Central Valley and the Bay Area is closed for two months and is jamming up the other alternate routes.

The traffic was so bad on Wednesday night that my traffic app routed me onto Tesla Road which turns into Corral Hollow. As I got close to 580 on Corral Hollow there was an overturned car. The accident must of just happened as the driver was just climbing out.

Accident, Corral Hollow Road, 580, Traffic WoesThere were plenty of people helping and it looked like no one was seriously hurt so I continued on.

The first part of the week was very hot with temps in the triple digits, but a front started moving through on Wednesday night bringing some clouds and lower temperatures.

Beautiful Sunset, Colorful Sky, Weather FrontThere was a beautiful sunset on Wednesday night and the temps have moderated yesterday and today.

Wednesday and Thursday were also spent monitoring the progress of my brother’s team as they were Paddling across Missouri.

I did get a reprieve from traffic this morning as it took about 25 minutes less than the other days this week to get to work.

The trip home tonight was just as long or longer though.

Ball of Fire, Sunset, Long WeekI am glad to see the sun set on this week so that I can get some rest over the weekend before another long week begins.

Now to get to work on my Sunday morning class 🙂


Wood Duck Reflections

The first day of last month found me in Toronto getting ready to fly home after a wonderful trip. I was able to spend the morning with my friend John before my afternoon flight. We had breakfast at High Park and then explored the park with cameras in hand.

We took some pictures of Angry Birds, but I also found one that was quiet and serene.

Wood Duck, Aix Sponsa, Carolina Duck, Perching Duck, High Park, Toronto, CanadaI picked the title Wood Duck Reflections as there are reflections in all the pictures that I am sharing in this post.

In this picture you see reflections of the trees and also of the wood duck. The wood duck is also known as the Carolina duck and has the scientific name of Aix sponsa.

Aix Sponsa, Wood Duck, Colorful Duck, High Park, CanadaThe wood duck is very colorful and is considered one of the most colorful birds in the Americas.

While we observed this duck, it was swimming quietly in a small still stream. I really enjoyed watching the ripples in the water as it swam.

Wood Duck, Aix Sponsa, Carolina Duck, Stream, High ParkHere is a nice side view where you can see more of the colors. Isn’t this a beautiful duck.

We can tell that this is a male wood duck as due to sexual dimorphism the female is smaller and less colorful. They are easy to tell apart.

Wood Duck, Aix Sponsa, Toronto, high parkThis picture gives a better view of the environment that the wood duck was in. You can see that the stream was flowing through a heavily wooded area. I really like the reflections in this picture.

Wood Duck, Aix Sponsa, Toronto, high parkThis picture is similar, but I like that the duck is tilting its head downward to the water. it also is in a lighted patch of water which make for an interesting picture.

As I reflect on the day I saw the wood duck it is hard to believe that it was only two months ago. It seems so long ago as I have done so much since that time.