Jena Market Square at Night

Today has been a rainy day so I have spent most of it inside.

However, in late afternoon I headed into the city center for an early dinner.

After my dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Restauration Stilbruch, I took a little walk over to the market square and took some more pictures.

Winter Scene, Market Place, Jena, GermanyThis first picture I took a couple nights ago after eating at the Kartoffel Haus. See: A Winter Evening in Jena

Jena Market Square, Jena, Germany, Winter Lights

I entered the market square from the northwest tonight. Here you can see the large tree that they had for the Christmas season. If I had been here in early December the square would have been filled with a Christmas market. However, it is really cool to see the square all lit up with the lights in the trees.

Hanfried, Jena, Germany, Market Square, Jena University, Elector of Saxony

The monument in the middle of the square is of the Elector of Saxony John Frederick the Magnanimous. He was a supporter of the Reformation Movement and was also the leader of the Schmalkaldic League. The monument is known as the Hanfried monument which is one of the names he was known by.

His main tie to Jena was that he planned the foundation of the University of Jena in 1547.

Hanfried, Jena, Germany, Elector of Saxony

Here is another view of the Hanfried monument. I was curious as to the date that is in the paving of the market square. I thought that maybe it was the date that the monument was dedicated, but it was constructed in 1858.

I will have to do some research as to what happened in Jena in 1896. I do know that 1896 was when the Carl Zeiss Foundation was created, but this is probably not the reason for the date in the square.

Jena, Germany, Market Square, Winter, culture

Here is the view from the southeast corner of the square. You can see the Stadtkirche rising up behind the buildings on the north side of the square. It is always nice to be in the market square when the bells of the church ring as they echo through the square.

I hope you enjoyed these night view of the market square. Perhaps I need to write another post someday with daytime views 🙂


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