Car, Plane and Trains

Today has been a very long day with transit from home to hotel taking several different forms.

Gas Tank, Fill er Up, Gas Purchase, Gas StationI started out from home in Old Bue. It is good that I filled up with gas on Thursday. See: The Travel Formula

United 747, Jet, Plane, travel, SFONext up was a plane. We flew to Frankfurt on a 747. Here is a picture of the plane at the gate in SFO as we wait to board.

ICE, Frankfurt, Germany, FernbahnhoffAfter we landed in Frankfurt we went through immigration and picked up our bags. Then it was off to the train station for the next stage of the journey.

Here is the ICE train that we boarded.

Train Driver, ICE, DB, Head of TrainMy colleague and I were assigned seats just behind the driver of the train. It was interesting to watch how he operated the train and also enjoy a unique view.

Germany, Regional Train, Weimar, Jena, TravelWe traveled from Frankfurt to Weimar on the ICE train and then switched to a smaller and slower regional train.

Street Train, Jena, Germany, Lobeda, MaxxOur last leg of the journey was on a street train. We only went one stop, but then it was a mostly level or downhill walk instead of an uphill one with our bags.

I am now very tired and it is time to sleep.


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