Jena after Dark

I am a bit jet lagged tonight, so I will share a few pictures of Jena after dark.

I promise that I won’t write a lot about each picture. I am remembering back to last week where I said that a post would be mainly a picture post. I then proceeded to write over 500 words 🙂

Cafe Stilbruch, Jena, Germany, After dark, night photographyI took this picture last night as we were leaving Restauration Stilbruch. I believe that it catches the essence of late night outdoor dining.

Jena Market Place, Night Pictures, St. Michaels Church, Jena, GermanyHere is another picture that I took last night of the Jena market square. I like the mix of old and new in this picture. The stadtkirche in the background and the half I timbered building and then the more modern buildings in between.

Ciniplex, Theatre, Jena, Germany, Uncle, Movie PosterI also like this picture that I took of CineStar Der Filmpalast. I love the color contrasts in the picture, especially with the very colorful movie poster.

Bus Depot at night, Jena, Germany,  Bus, Rainy nightTonight is a rainy night with clouds adding to the ambiance of this bus station in Jena. This bus station has been rebuilt since I was last here. Perhaps I can find a picture to show the contrast sometime.

However, I like the large BUS letters and the colorful buildings in the station.

Jena, Germany, Strassenbahn, Street Train, Colorful train cars, Rainy nightHere is a picture of one of the street trains as it passed us by. Some of the train cars are very colorful. I like this one that is wrapped in green.

Luckily we have free rides on the street trains so that we can go into the city center each evening for dinner.

We had a nice dinner tonight at a restaurant that has been in operation more than 500 years.

Now to listen to the falling rain as I drift off to sleep.


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