Another Pfanne

Last night I again ate at one of my favorite Jena restaurants. I will usually eat at Stilbruch several times when I visit Jena, Germany.

Stilbruch, Jena, Wagnergasse, Restaurant, German Food, Thuringian FoodI even have a cycle of dishes that I will order if I visit multiple times. Depending on the time of year it is sometimes difficult to get a table, so I always get my favorites first.

Favorite Restaurant, Jena, Germany, Restauration Stilbruch

For my first visit I always order the Birnen-Pfanne.

of course that is what I ordered for An Anniversary Dinner last Thursday.

Here is the description from the menu: Schweinefleischstreifen angeschwenkt mit Birnen und Kartoffeln, gewürzt mit frischem spanischen Pfeffer (scharf!!!), mit Gouda gratiniert

Rote Pfanne, Stilbruch, Jena, Food, comfort food
Last night for my second visit of the trip I ordered the Rote Pfanne or Red Pan.

Here is the description from the menu: Feurige Rindfleischstreifen mit Zwiebeln, Frühlingszwiebeln, Paprika, Kidneybohnen und Mais, Baguette, mit Sauerrahm obenauf

The strips of beef, onions, peppers, beans and rice all taste great together. It is also nice to sop up some of the juices with the bread.

Dinner pan, all done, stilbruch, Jena, Germany

The meal was really good and you can see that I left a clean pan.

Wagnergasse, Jena, Germany, December Night

After dinner it was time to do a bit more wandering about Jena to walk off some of the food. Here is the Wagnergasse which is where Stilbruch is located. Up the little street in the center of the picture is where you can find the wonderful comfort food that they serve.

It is hard to see, but there is also a statue of Carl Zeiss in this picture. It is slightly to the right of center between the tree and the walkway sign. I have some pictures that I will share in a post someday. Maybe soon, maybe later. It depends on where my mind wanders.


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