Virtual Dinner in Jena

This week I am conducting a virtual course in Jena, Germany, so I thought I would virtually eat dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Like in most cases, virtually is just not the same. I can remember the food and atmosphere, but being there in person makes all the difference.

Stilbruch, Jena, Restauration StilbruchRestauration Stilbruch is in the Wagnergasse and is usually very full. On this trip back in August 2015 I was lucky and was able to get a table. Probably because it was a cold wet evening. It had rained for most of the day.

Birnen-Pfanne, Restauration Stilbruch, Jena, Wagnergasse

Of course I ordered the Birnen-Pfanne during this trip. This wonderful dish of potatoes, pears and pork is absolutely delicious. It is also a really nice comfort food for a cold wet day.

Empty pan, Birnen-Pfanne, Cafe Stilbruch, Jena, GermanyIt was so good, especially since I have not had it since I was there the previous year in October. It has been two and a half year now since I was last there during my last pre-pandemic trip.Jena, Tower, St. Michael's Church, Jena, GermanyAfter my nice dinner I headed back toward the street trains for my ride back to the hotel. I had stopped to take a picture of a tower that was over an entrance to the old walled city of Jena.

I can just imagine walking the streets of Jena on a beautiful night as I write this.Stadtkirche St. Michael, Jena, Germany, Martin LutherIn the last picture you could see the Stadtkirche St. Michael in the distance. Here is a closer look at the church. You can see a banner on the end of the building about Luther 2017.  The 500th anniversary of Luther posting his 95 Theses was rapidly approaching then.

This church building has some interesting connections to Martin Luther. Click on the link to find out about the connections.


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