Upcoming Wanderings II

Tonight I am thinking of the next two wanderings that I have planned.

Jena Market Place, Night Pictures, St. Michaels Church, Jena, GermanyNext month I will be wandering to Jena, Germany. It will be a good time to visit as there should be pretty good weather. Also, the days are getting longer so I should have some time to get some good pictures in the evening when I am out for dinner.

Red Stag, Red Deer, Roter Hirsch, Jena, Germany, Oldest Restaurants, 1509Since I mentioned dinner, one place that I always visit when I am in Jena is the Roter Hirsch. The Roter Hirsch is one of the oldest restaurants in the world. See: Old Restaurant

Birnen Phanne, Stilbruch, Jena, Germany, pork, potatoes, pearI will also be having some of my favorite dishes at Restauration Stilbruch.

Some of my favorite restaurants in the world are in Jena so it is always a place that I really like to visit.

Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate area, pizza, foodI will use food to transition to where I will wander in June. Today I purchased a ticket for another visit to Israel. One of the first places that I will probably eat is at Jacob’s Pizza as it is right across the street from the hotel I will be staying at in Jerusalem when I arrive.

Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, Dig, Archaeology, LachishThe reason for the trip to Israel in June is to again participate in an archaeological dig. The picture above is from several years ago at Lachish.

khirbet el rai, Israel, Archaeology, Dig Time, Summer DigThis year I will be digging at the nearby site of Khirbet el-Rai. As it comes closer to dig time I will share some of what is known about the site. I have a lot of research to do 🙂

The picture above was taken at the end of the winter dig season earlier this year. It will not be nice and green while we are there.

I am ready to wander.



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