Wandering across the Pond

My next trip will take me wandering across the pond to Europe.

Of course, I have a lot of work to do but I am also looking forward to doing a bit of wandering in the evenings and weekends.

Cambridge University, Ivy covered walls, Christ's CollegeMy first stop will be in Cambridge, England where I should get some views of the ivy covered walls of Cambridge University.

Pembroke College, Cambridge University, Library, Pembroke LibraryI of course want to make A Visit to Pembroke College where one of my ancestors went to school in the early 1600’s.

Christ's College, Cambridge University, Richard Bernerd, Great Gate, St. Andrews StreetI also want to see Christ’s College where another ancestor went to school in the 1500’s.

Nando's Chicken, Cambridge, UK, ChickenI also know that one evening I will have dinner at Nando’s while in Cambridge. I need my Nando’s Fix.

Jena City Church, Jena Germany. St. Michael, Church at nightAfter teaching in England it will be on to Jena, Germany for another class and some planning meetings.

Restauration Stilbruch, Wagnergasse, Cafe, Favorite Restaurant, Jena, GermanyIn Jena I look forward to having at least one dinner at my favorite restaurant.

See Restauration Stilbruch.

Thuringer Rostbratchen, Roter Hirsch, Jena, Germany, Old RestaurantI will also most likely have a nice dish of Thuringer Rostbratchen at one of the oldest restaurants in the world.

See my post Old Restaurant.

Now to get some sleep before starting a new course tomorrow.


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