German Food

I am looking forward to my next trip as I will be able to dine at a few restaurants that I have not been to for quite some time.

The first restaurant is one of my favorites in the whole world.

Wagnergasse, Jena, Stilbruch, Favorite Restaurant, Butterfly SculptureThe restaurant is located on Wagnergasse in Jena, Germany. The small street is filled with restaurants with outdoor seating and is quite popular on a nice evening

Stilbruch, Jena, Wagnergasse, Restaurant, German Food, Thuringian FoodThe name of the restaurant is Cafe Stilbruch. The restaurant serves wonderful food and I really like the rustic atmosphere.

Birnen Phanne, Stilbruch, Jena, Germany, pork, potatoes, pearHere is my favorite meal at Stilbruch.

Birnen Phanne consists of strips of roasted pork, potatoes and pears all covered with cheese and a sauce. The food is roasted in the oven in the pan shown.

There are other Phanne dishes and every one that I have tried has been delicious. Each of them is served in a different style of pan. One of them is the Red Pan, I am not going to try and give the German equivalent at the moment, which is beef, red peppers and a few other ingredients. The dish is served in a cast iron pan.

I will hopefully get to eat there a couple of times during my trip. However, there are several more restaurants that I want to visit.

Thuringer Rostbratel,  Pork, roasted onions, roasted potatoes, cucumber saladHere is another one of my favorite foods from Jena.

Thuringer Rostbratel at the Roter Hirsch is pork, roasted onions and roasted potatoes served with a cucumber salad. It also comes with a nice spicy mustard.

The Roter Hirsch has been a restaurant since 1509, so is definitely one of the oldest restaurants I have eaten at. I have not been back there since before they celebrated their 500th anniversary.

Banana, Cherry, Kiba, Germany, Drink, Roter HirschHere is one of my favorite drinks in Germany. Kiba is a mixture of banana and cherry. I love the mixture of flavors in this drink. I am sure that I will have this drink at several places. I am also looking forward to the lighter tasting orange Fanta that they have in Germany and also Spezi which is a mixture of orange soda and cola.

My mouth is starting to water. I need to remind myself not to write a food post late at night. I should write them before dinner 🙂


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3 Responses to German Food

  1. There was a time when German food made my mouth water… then I stopped eating meat and.. well… let’s just say anything without meat is merely an imposter! 😉


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