Sunset Stops

Sometimes you just have to stop and take pictures of the sunset. Tonight was definitely the case. I knew that we would have a very colorful sunset with the remnants of the rain storm that passed through the area earlier today.

On my way home from Bible study I stopped at the rest area to take a picture of the setting sun.

June Sunset, California Sunset, Beautiful SunsetI really like this picture as it is full of silhouettes. If you look closely you can see the traffic and road signs on the interstate. You can also see power lines in the distance. I thought about giving a closer look at the silhouettes along the interstate, but decided to show the clear sky above the cloud layer instead. You can see that there is great potential for a beautiful sunset as the sun here is dropping below the hills.

Mount Diablo, I-5 Sunset, Colorful SunsetThis picture is a bit blurry as it was taken through my windshield, but you can see that the sky is really colorful. In the center of the picture you can see the two peaks of Mount Diablo.

Sunset, Reflected Sunset, California Sunset, California AqueductAs I headed into town I pulled off the road by the California Aqueduct to take a good picture of the sunset. This was probably the peak of color for the sunset tonight.

You can see the sunset reflected in the aqueduct.

Would you like a closer picture of the aqueduct and the sunset?

California Aqueduct, California Drought, Water, Sunset, Mount DiabloHere is a close up picture. In this picture you can see the two peaks of Mount Diablo silhouetted against the colorful sky.

The aqueduct also shows more variation in color in the closeup.

I am very thankful for the rain today for several reasons. One is that we got to see a beautiful sunset and second, we are badly in need of rain in California. We are in the midst of a bad drought and water use is restricted.

Which of these pictures do you like best?


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