Tonight I am just sharing a few sunset pictures that I have taken over the years. All of these have been used in previous posts. I will provide a link for each. If you follow the link you will find more information about the picture.

Buenos Aires Sunset, Golden Sky, Colorful Sky, Electric Lines, Hotel ViewHere is a sunset in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I took this picture the night before my sister and I boarded a cruise to Antarctica. See: Sunrises and Sunsets

Tokyo Skyline, Sunset, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Tatsumi-yaguraThis sunset picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan. I like the mix of old and new here. The modern skyscrapers of Tokyo are reflected in the moat of Edo Castle.

See: Tokyo Reflections

Sunset, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological Dig, Sunday DigI took this picture last year while at the dig at Lachish, Israel.

You can see more pictures in my post: Sunset at the Dig

Sunset, Reflected Sunset, California Sunset, California AqueductThis picture is from closer to home. I took this picture of the sunset just south of the town I live in. The sunset is reflected in the California Aqueduct and Mount Diablo is silhouetted against the colorful sky.

For more similar sunset pictures from near the same place see my post: Sunset Stops

Rainbow at Sunset, Rainbow, Pink Rainbow, Water Droplets, RainHave you ever seen a pink rainbow? Click on Rainbow after Sunset to learn more about the conditions where you will have a pink rainbow.

These are just a small sample of the sunset pictures I have shared over the years on Braman’s Wanderings. I hope that you enjoyed them.

Which of these sunset pictures is your favorite?


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