Wednesday Sunset

Tonight I have just a few sunset pictures. For more sunset pictures in posts that I have written click on: Sunsets

Sunset, california Sunset, Orchards, Colorful SkyYou can barely see the orchard in the foreground, but the sun is dropping slowly below the tree line.

Orange sunset, Trees, Silhouettes, California SunsetI zoomed in on the sunset a bit later and you can see the silhouettes of the trees as the sun drops below them. The color was so rich as there was a lot of dust in the air from harvest activities.

Colorful Sky, Sunset, Backset, Colorful CloudsHere we have clouds that are lit up by the setting sun. This is looking south, so the sun is coming from the side and providing vivid colors to the clouds. Again, I like the silhouettes in this picture. The telephone pole and telephone lines make for an interesting contrast.

Mount Diablo, Sunset, California, Red sky, Colorful skyOne more picture of the sunset. This does not even do the sunset justice. I should have stopped and taken a better picture. This is just a quick snap shot through the windshield of my car.

You can see the two peaks of Mount Diablo silhouetted against the sunset.

I had a beautiful drive home tonight with the colorful sky.

Which sunset picture is your favorite?


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6 Responses to Wednesday Sunset

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I loved the third sunset. With the peach, pink, blue and mauve all muddled together with the clouds. You sure get home late. Our days are getting shorter again now, sun sets around 9pm.

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