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A Birthday Feast II

Last year when I was in Toronto I went to A Birthday Feast held for my friend Rose. This year I am in Toronto for my birthday and my friends gave me a Birthday Feast. Of course, they always look for an opportunity to get together to celebrate and share a meal.

Grilled Corn, BBQ Corn, Birthday FeastThe original plan was to have a BBQ in a park down by the lake shore, but the weather did not cooperate. The weather had been mostly nice all week, but this weekend the weather changed and became wet and cold. In fact, I think that this is probably the coldest birthday I have had. The temperatures were only in the 40’s and I could even see my breath while outside watching the BBQ.

Here you can see the nice fresh corn on the cob that we grilled on the BBQ.

Grilled Chicken, BBQ, Birthday Feast, TorontoNext on the grill were chicken legs that were later coated in BBQ sauce.

Filipino Food, Warming up Food, Oven, LumpiaWarming up in the oven were dishes of Filipino food, including lumpia and a noodle dish.

Chicken Afritada, Filipino Food, Birthday, Stove TopOn top of the stove a chicken afritada was also being warmed up. I really enjoyed these Filipino dishes.

We had a wonderful time eating together and sharing stories.

After dinner it was time for dessert with cake and ice cream, brownies and cassava.

Birthday Cake, Candles, Canada Map, Birthday FeastHere is the birthday cake. The birthday cake does not look very colorful, but it was a special cake that really was. Look for more details in a future post.

We did decide not to put the full number of candles on the cake, we didn’t want to have a fire hazard.

I like this picture as the map of Canada is in the background showing where we are.

Today has been a great day and I have received many birthday greetings through social media. I received greetings from all six continents, plus greetings from friends who were with me when I visited Antarctica.

Now to head back home tomorrow and prepare for my next adventure.



Woodpecker Korean Food

This afternoon we had a late lunch/early dinner at an Asian food court. We decided to try out the cuisine from Woodpecker Korean Food.

Woodpecker Korean Food, Toronto, Canada, Korean CuisineWe needed to eat close to where we had just attended a Gospel meeting, so I asked Siri where the nearest Korean food was. One of John’s daughters has been studying  the Korean language and culture and so I thought it would be a good choice.

After a short drive and then a short wait in the car until the heavy rain stopped we were able to see what our choices were.

What was really interesting is that the menu board was in Chinese and English with only the name of the restaurant in Korean.

Korean Food, Noodle Dish, John’s wife had a dish of noodles, I don’t remember the Korean name for them, but they had a black sauce with pieces of meats and vegetables.

Korean Cuisine, Korean Food, Woodpecker, Spicy Chicken, Woodpecker Korean

John had a plate of spicy chicken. I had a similar dish to this in Korea and it is very good. I had a taste of the chicken and it was a little bit spicy, but not overpowering.

Pork Cutlet, Korean Food, Woodpecker Korean, Markham, Toronto, Canada

The boys and I all had the Pork Cutlet. This is very similar to ton katsu that you get in Japan, but the sauce has a different taste. The cutlet is usually thinner in Korean cuisine and is also cut into larger pieces.

I did enjoy the cutlet, the sauce had a very nice taste and the noodles were really good.

Beef Bone Noodles, Korean Food, Woodpecker Korean FoodJohn’s daughter who is studying Korean had a nice bowl of Beef Bone Noodles. She said that they were very good. They really look delicious in this picture and if I had to go back and choose again I think that this would be my choice.

Kimchi, Korean Cuisine, WoodpeckerThe noodle dishes also came with kimchi, while our cutlets came with a miso soup.

For Korean fast food this was a good choice. The food was really good and they were nice large portions for the price. We enjoyed our time together as we took our time eating since we needed to wait until it was time to pick up John’s younger daughter who was spending time with some friends nearby.

Which of these dishes would you choose?