Valley Sunsets

One of the nice things about living in a valley is that you will often have sunsets that include hills or mountains. These often add some nice silhouettes to sunset pictures.

Mount Diablo Sunset, Tracy, California, Great ValleyHere is a sunset picture that I took on Monday after the big day for the sun. Mount Diablo is straight down the tracks and the rails are lit up by the setting sun.

California Sunset, Altamont, Mount Diablo, rails to sunsetHere is a picture that was taken just a bit earlier that also includes the setting sun. I used this picture in my post The Day of the Eclipse.

Railroad tracks, tracy, mt. diablo, california, sun settingHere is the same view from an earlier time of day. I really like this picture and it shows how beautiful the view is as you look to the hills and mountains. I posted this picture on Saturday, but only a few people visited the post. See my post: Pictures from a Walk

Sunset, Reflected Sunset, California Sunset, California AqueductHere is another view of Mount Diablo from south of town. I really love the color of this sunset. Sometimes the sunsets are so beautiful that I have to pull over and take pictures.

See: Sunset Stops

Sunset on the Harvest of Progress - Sculpture - Tracy, California - Silhouetted Sculpture - California SunsetHere is a sunset picture taken from downtown. For more about this sculpture click on Sunset and the Harvest of Progress.

December Sunset - California - Silhouette - Colorful SkySometimes I just have to step out into my front yard for a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately I can’t see any of the surrounding hills from my house. For that I need to walk just over a half mile to where I took the first three pictures.

Now to wait for the next beautiful sunset. Hopefully it will come soon 🙂


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