BBQ and a Sunset

Today I had several thoughts wandering through my head. I thought about writing an entry in my Religion in Family History series, but the details would not come together in my mind. I also thought about finally getting back to my Walls of Jericho series, but another strike there.

After a beautiful sunset, I decided to find something to pair it with and here is my post.

Iced Tea, Lunch, BBQ, Cuisine, Food, DrinksToday we had lunch at Apricot Wood BBQ. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Patterson.

I started off with a nice mug of iced tea. Today was a muggy, cloudy day so the iced tea hit the spot.

Pulled Pork Plate, BBQ, Sweet Potato Fries, Cornbread, Apricot BBQI ordered the Pulled Pork plate, which is one of my favorites. I almost went for a sandwich, but the plate just kept coming back on top of my choices.

BBQ Sauce, California Gold, Apricot Chipolte, Smoky BBQ sauce, Apricot Wood BBQThe next choice was what type of BBQ sauce to put on my pulled pork. Apricot Wood BBQ makes their own sauces. You have a choice of California Gold, Apricot Chipotle, Smoke and Root Beer. I alternated between the California Gold and the Apricot Chipotle and added in a little bit of Smoke for good measure.

The pulled pork was really good.

Sweet Potato Fries, Waffle Cut Fries, Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ LunchI had sweet potato fries with my pulled pork. They have made a change in the style of the fries, but I did like these waffle cut fried. You can see the straight cut sweet potato fries in my post: Sunday BBQ

The waffle cut fries were much lighter and had a great taste.

I also enjoyed the cornbread with the apricot butter. The little bit of apricot in the butter was a nice touch.

Cloudy Day Sunset, California Sunset, Sunset, Colorful SkyAs I mentioned above it was a Cloudy Day. When you have a cloudy day you can either get a great sunset or none at all, it all depends on if the sun can shine through the clouds.

Tonight was a great sunset type of day. While watching my Sunday evening shows I noticed that the walls in my kitchen were changing color and I went out to the street to take a picture of the beautiful sunset. Of course you know that I also like the silhouettes of the trees, cars and kids playing the in the street. This brought back memories of playing in the streets at dusk when we were growing up. Of course we would have to be close to home by this time as the streetlights were on.

Good memories!


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3 Responses to BBQ and a Sunset

  1. Sheryl says:

    The sunset is lovely–and the food looks delicious.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Yummy, you are definitely a connoisseur of good food.

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