Mount Diablo

Long Wednesday = Short Wednesday Post

Tonight we have two pictures of Mount Diablo.

Snow on Mount Diablo - California Mountain - Windmills

The first picture shows Mount Diablo with snow on the peaks. This picture was taken two years ago in February. It is not every year that we see Mount Diablo with a coat of snow, and usually not this much. I took this picture from my car on my way to work one morning. From near home Mount Diablo is seen as a double pyramid, but from work it is a single peak.

Mount Diablo only has an elevation of 3,864 feet, but has a prominence of 3,109 feet so towers above the surrounding landscape.

Mount Diablo at Sunset - Railroad Tracks into the sunset - California Sunset

I also really like this picture. I took this while out for a walk near my house last spring. I really love the way the setting sun is reflecting off of the rails as they disappear into the distance. Of course the colorful sunset and majestic purple mountain also brings this picture alive.

The exact naming of Mount Diablo is shrouded in mystery, but the name does mean roughly Mountain of the Devil. There have been attempts rename the mountain. Several Indian names and Mount Reagan have been proposed, but the historical name has prevailed.

I hope you enjoyed the brief glimpse of this prominent mountain.


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11 Responses to Mount Diablo

  1. lylekrahn says:

    That second photo is striking.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Awesome photo’s Steven, I love the darkness except for the rails in the second one and seeing all the wind turbines is great too. I wish we’d start really making an effort on alternative energies, but it’ll never be a focus in Alberta. Everything is married to oil and gas….its dismal.

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    Both pictures are awesome!!!!

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