Manteca Book Acquisitions

This post is very similar to Saturday Book Acquisitions II, but I cannot add this one to the series as I didn’t acquire the books on a Saturday.

Last week I again visited the used book store in Manteca. I had gone to Manteca to go to Bass Pro Shops , but this time it was to buy something for the upcoming archaeological dig at Lachish.

L. M. Montgomery, After Many Days, Anne of Greene GablesDuring this visit to the book store I found a couple of L. M. Montgomery books that I didn’t have. This one is After Many Days, and is a compilation of short stories by L. M. Montgomery.

Akin to Anne, L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, Rea WilmshurstAkin to Anne is a collection of short stories about other orphans. Both of these books are edited by Rea Wilmshurst.

Wilmshurst edited eight volumes of short stories by L. M. Montgomery. They are only a portion of the many short stories that were published over the years in different magazines. I still have a few more L. M. Montgomery books to find.

I have been rereading the Anne of Green Gables series and am currently reading book six of eight.The Angry Wife, Pearl S. Buck, John SedgesI also found a couple more Pearl S. Buck books that I didn’t have. The Angry Wife was actually written using her pseudonym John Sedges, but in this paperback copy her real name was used.

I also picked up a copy of Letter from Peking. I now have copies of about three quarters of the books that Pearl Buck wrote.

Happy Hollisters, Jerry West, The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach, Stratemeyer SyndicateI also found one of the three Happy Hollisters books that I didn’t have a copy of. This one is The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach. I am now only missing The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery and The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery to complete the series of 33 books.

The Happy Hollisters series was written by Jerry West which was one of the pseudonyms used by Andrew E. Svenson while writing for the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

I have great memories of reading these books when I was a kid and look forward to reading through the entire series once I find the book I am missing.

It was a good day for finding books that I have been looking for. To see what I found during my last trip click on Saturday Book Acquisitions II.




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