California Sunset

On the way home from Bible study tonight I just had to stop and take a picture of the sunset. I had been watching the sun reflecting off of the ribbons of water in the California Aqueduct and the Delta-Mendota Canal as I drove toward home. I reached the California Aqueduct crossing at just the right time.

California Sunset - Central Valley - Water Canal - Mount DiabloI parked my car at the turnout and stepped out onto the bridge to take this picture. The wind was gusting and my beard was blowing in the wind, but I fearlessly braved the elements.  I quickly took my picture and stepped back to the car and away from the roadway. I really like this picture with light from the setting sun reflecting off the waters of the aqueduct. The sunset has nice colors and Mount Diablo is nicely silhouetted against the background.

Mount Diablo - California Aqueduct - California Sunset - Reflection - Silhouette

I waited for a break in traffic before taking another picture. The sunset had intensified and the water of the aqueduct was no longer reflecting the light as much. I really like the blue of the water and the contrast with the reds and oranges of the sunset.

These pictures also reminded me of a few earlier posts:

Mount Diablo – A little history of Mount Diablo with two pictures. A stunning sunset picture and one with snow covered peaks.

Sunset Silhouettes – Another sunset picture of Mount Diablo and also silhouettes of palm and eucalyptus trees.

October Sunset – Two colorful sunset pictures.

I hope that you also enjoyed my sunset.



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8 Responses to California Sunset

  1. Sherry Hamilton says:


  2. I live on the Delta Waterway. Very nice photos!! Soothing.

  3. Glenda McDougal says:


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