Wednesday Sunset II

Another Wednesday and another busy day. I am teaching a class this week which always makes for long days.

As the teacher I am usually there before the students and most often I stay late to prepare for the next day. I am also on my feet a lot more when teaching. Today was one of those days when I also had to take a hike to the parts department to pick up an extra tool. I am a bit worn out.

Word Press, 1000 posts, Blog Badges, Post Count, Blog StatsLast night I posted about a milestone on my blog: Post Number 1,000

After I published the post WordPress congratulated me on writing 1000 posts.

Tonight I am going to share a few Sunset pictures.

California Sunset, Red Sky, Winter Sunset, Patterson Hills SunsetI am so glad that the days are getting longer. I don’t have to drive all the way home in the dark and will often see sunsets on the way home.

On Wednesday I drive to Patterson for our Bible study. I usually stop at the Ingram Creek/Howard Road exit for dinner on the way. Tonight I got there just in time to take a few pictures of the beautiful sunset that I had been observing while driving down I-5.

California Sunset, Patterson Hills, Ingram Creek, power lines at sunsetI thought that this picture was interesting. You see the silhouettes of the power lines and also a street light that almost looks like it could be the sun shining through the clouds.

I had a little bit of difficulty getting my camera to focus how I wanted it to.

Sunset Power Lines, California Sunset, Red Sky, Ingram Creek RoadHere is another picture of just the power lines silhouetted on top of the hills that define the edge of the Central Valley.

I always like to see a good sunset over the Patterson or Altamont Hills.

In my post Wednesday Sunset you will find pictures of some more Central Valley sunsets.

What are your favorite types of sunsets?



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