The Closest Chick-fil-A?

I have been following the construction of the Pleasanton Chick-fil-A as it is only a couple miles away from my office. But, will it be the closest to where I live when it opens? It may not be. Later in the post I will share where one will be opening that is just a little bit closer.

I will also add links to my previous posts at the end of this one.

Chick-fil-A, Construction Progres, Pleasanton, Opening DateOn Thursday I went to In-N-Out for lunch. This allowed me to get a few more pictures of the Pleasanton Chick-fil-A under construction. I took this picture while stopped at a red light. You can see that the shingles are still just sitting on the roof.

Opening Soon, Chick-fil-A, Pleasanton, CaliforniaHere you can see that they are busily at work on the exterior of the Chick-fil-A and if you compare it to the pictures that I took last week there has been some progress. See: Pleasanton Chick-fil-A Construction Progress IV

Pleasanton, Chick-fil-A, California, New restaurant, Construction of Chick-fil-AI have been checking the Chick-fil-A website almost daily to see when the opening date will be announced for Pleasanton. At one time there was a date set, but that one was only six days from now. Obviously something happened 🙂

While checking the website today I found out about another opening that I was not aware of. I had been seeing openings for Omaha that are near where my sister lives and openings in Iowa and Kansas near other friends. However, this time the very last entry in the list caught my eye.

Opening dates are subject to change as the disclaimer states, but on October 20 a Chick-fil-A is scheduled to open in Stockton, California. I did not even know that one was planned. The restaurant is at March Lane and I-5.

I checked and it is one mile closer to home than the one that will open in Pleasanton. However, it is in a direction that I rarely go.

The opening date has not yet been posted for the Pleasanton location, but if the one in Stockton opens first then the one in Pleasanton will not be the closest to me when it opens.

I am sure that some of my friends are excited as they often drive through Stockton on their way to Sacramento or other points to the North.


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