Tokyo 2020

The Olympics have come to a close in Rio and they have handed off to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games. However, the competition in Rio is not over as the Paralympic games begin in just a few weeks. I will be cheering for a friend who will be competing in the rowing competition.

Tonight I will share a few images from Tokyo since I am thinking about this great city.

Tokyo Skyline, Sunset, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Tatsumi-yaguraHere is one of my favorite Tokyo Sunset pictures.

Japanese Drums - Taiko - bachi - kumi-daiko - hachimakiI am sure that there will be some Japanese Drumming in the opening ceremonies in 2020. I was very impresses with the kumi-daiko performance I experienced.

Starter at Shabu-Shabu - Japanese Cuisine - Beautiful plating - Eat with your eyesI am also thinking of the wonderful Japanese food like this appetizer from a Shabu-Shabu meal I had during a recent trip.

Cherry Blossoms - Tokyo Cherry Blossoms - Old Cherry Trees - Cherry Blossom TimeThe Cherry Blossoms will not be in bloom during the Olympics, but I am thinking about them tonight.

Mount Fuji - Snow Covered Volcano - Fuji-san - Tokyo, JapanMount Fuji or Fuji-san was part of the presentation tonight for the Tokyo Olympics, so I decided I must share at least one picture of this famous mountain.

For more views see my post Fuji-san.

I will hopefully make a few more trips to Tokyo before 2020. Maybe I can get some pictures of the new Olympic stadium while it is under construction.

Congratulations to all the athletes of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Thanks for the memories.


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