January Posts

I have not have any inspiration for a post tonight, so just decided to mention a few posts from earlier this month.

First fill up, ford fusion, 1200 milesOne of my first posts of January was First Fill Up for Bluey. I still have not filled up again, but will have to soon. It is nice to go almost a month without filling up Bluey when I used to have to fill up Old Blue once a week.

Steve Smith Teamaster, brahmin tea, loose tea, black teaJanuary was National Hot Tea Month, and I drank a lot of hot tea this month.

Henry County Iowa, Trenton Township, Absalom Leeper, Iowa, ancestorI wrote a couple posts about my Leeper family.

Leeper Land and Leeper Farm Schedule are both about a family farm near Trenton, Iowa.

I also wrote a post about a Leeper cousin who was The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

United 747, Last Flights, October 2017, 747 Phase OutI also wrote a post about 50 Years of 747 Flights.

Lion Gate - Hattusha - Ancient Hittite Capital - Ruins of HattushaI also had a quiz about gates and provided the answers in Gate Quiz and Gate Quiz Answers.

There were of course other posts, but these are the ones I am thinking about tonight.

Next month I may have more family history posts as I have been researching another one of my Iowa ancestors.



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