50 Years of 747 Flights

On January 21, 1970 Pan Am made the first commercial 747 flight from New York to Paris.

Tonight, on the 50th anniversary of that flight, I am remembering some of my 747 flights.

British Airways 747 on runway in Edmonton - September 11, 2001 - 9/11 - Unplanned LandingIt is hard to forget one of my flights on a 747. I was flying on one with British Airways on September 11, 2001.

September 11 itinerary, South Africa, San Francisco, Memories, September 11We landed in Edmonton instead of San Francisco on this flight.

United Airlines 747 last flight, frankfurt, SFO FRAI definitely remember My Last United 747 Flight. That flight brought back many years of memories flying in 747’s.

Lufthansa 747, Tambo, Johannesburg, Long day of travelI have flown on a 747 since that time as my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg back in July 2018 was on one. Will that flight be the last on a 747 for me?

747 Upper Deck, Lay Flat, Individual ScreensOver the years I have occasionally flown on the upper deck of a 747. There have not been too many times that I have flown on the upper deck of a 747, but they have all come due to free upgrades. This was one of my favorite places to sit on an airplane. It was usually nice and quiet since very few people were in the upper deck cabin.

747 economy plus, United Airlines, Last 747 flightMost of my 747 flights were in economy. United Airlines never did upgrade the video systems on the 747 and you had no choice of what to watch during a flight. I was so glad when you could at least watch movies on your phone or tablet.

Lots of flight memories tonight.








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