National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea so I of course will be drinking lots of hot tea this month.

I have been drinking hot tea for years, but really started appreciating loose leaf teas back in 2017.

Taiwan Tea, Healthy Tea, Loose TeaWhat really got me started with loose leaf tea was some tea brought to me by a student from Taiwan. This started my enjoyment of oolong tea. See: Taiwan Tea

Steve Smith Teamaster, brahmin tea, loose tea, black teaAnother gift of full leaf tea from a friend soon further expanded my range of teas and then I started to search out interesting teas to try. See: A Wonderful Cup of Tea

Teepott, Tea Pot, Tea Cup, Trendglas Jena, ZycloSoon I was buying tea cups and infusers and different containers to store tea in.

setting temperature, tea steeping adjustmentsPlus, I had to get A New Tea Kettle as some teas require different temperatures for the water.

Tea Prep, Sophia Blend, Sophia Peabody, Jolie TeaI also put to use a set of tea towels that had been embroidered by my Mother. You may have seen them in my many tea posts. They are a set of seven, one for each day of the week, that feature Amish children.

Many of the teas that I have bring back memories as I drink them.

  • Where did I buy the tea?
  • Who gave me the tea?
  • Who did I buy the same tea for?
  • Visits to the country where the tea is from.
  • Memories triggered by the taste or aroma of the tea.
  • ………

So, put on the kettle and enjoy some nice hot tea this month.






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2 Responses to National Hot Tea Month

  1. My favorite is green tea, and the Earl Grey choices.

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