Gate Quiz

Can you give the names of these five gates, and also where to find them?

Gate 1

Gate 2Gate 2

Gate 3

Gate 4

Gate 5

Sometime later I will write a post with the answers and provide a link here.

For now, give you answers below.


p.s. I will give one hint. They are all in the same country.

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5 Responses to Gate Quiz

  1. Easy challenge. Flag in gate 4 identifies country as Turkey. So, looking for a trip of you to this country, you can find all gates:

    Gate 1: Lion’s gate at Hattusa
    Gate 2: Sphynx’s gate at Hattusa, also.
    Gate3: Hadrian’s Gate at Antalya.
    Gate 4: Cleopatra’s Gate at Tarsus
    Gate 5: Cilician Gates goint to Derbe

    Nice Trip!!

  2. 1. Lions Gate – Hittite site of Hattusa in Turkey.

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